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Turkey is called Asia Minor because the geographical rectangular shape of Turkey looks like Great Asia continent. In western, eastern, southern and northern directions mountain series are intensive and in the middle there are deep steppes. This is the same pattern same picture in Asia minor as well.

Mountains consist also deep philosophy in in Turkish understanding. And then this comes from central Asia high mountains as well and then. Monasteries in the mountains in Turkey and there is Uludağ in Bursw City it was a very religious it is deeply religious meaning.


Noah legend has happened in in the in the mountain in Eastern Mountain this legend has happened in today’s turkey in there in the history.

Cappadocia region in Central Anatolia is famous with your chimneys and then with their underground caves to to protect the first Christian in Centerville thank you so this is a geographical shapes also give way to life to protect the religion of the people.

Fertile plains fringe the coast, mountain ranges separate them from the high Central plateau. 19 Mountains or over 4100 m high; of them Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağı) is the highest at 5073 meters.

Taurus Mountains

Karacadağ Mountains

Plains: Çukurova, Tarsus, Antep, Diyarbakır, Mardin. Thrace Plain. Konya Plain.

Cukurova in Adana city is more fertile than the plains around Nile river in Egypt.


Kapadokya Vadisi:

Cappadocia Valleys

National Parks:



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