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Turkish Philosophers in Edirne (Adrianapolis)

ŞEYH BEDREDDİN 1357-1420 Rumeli Edirne Neighborhood Turkey The Ottoman Sufi, philosopher and kazasker of the Vahdet-i Body school of Sufi-Islamic Sufism dealt with power-verb, matter-spirit duality, God-universe relations in his work Varidat. The thinker, who believes that problems can be avoided with unity of the body, shares his philosophical discourses in his work.

HOCA SINAN PASHA 1440-1486 Rumeli Edirne Turkey Fatih Era Scholars, Pioneer of Divan Prose and Mathematics Scholar. His father is the famous Hızır Bey, who served as the first judge of Istanbul. He is a thinker belonging to the Molla Fanari school and is accepted as the representative of the philosophical theological understanding. In his youth, he was interested in ancient Greek philosophy. He even turned to Sufism after his father, Hızır Bey, was angry because he had a tendency to shift towards septicism for a while.

İBN KEMAL (KEMALPAŞAZADE AHMET ŞEMSETTIN) 1468-1533 Rumeli Edirne Turkey Şeyhülislam, Historian, Religious Scholar Tevarih Ali Osman

CERRAHZADE 1495-1571 Rumeli Edirne Turkey Scholar, Veli

MUHYİ İ GÜLŞENİ 1528-1604 Rumeli Edirne, Menâkıb-ı İbrahim Gülşenî. Muhyî-i Gülşenî. One of the works written by Muhyî-i Gülşenî, one of the important figures of the 16th century and one of the most famous names in our literature-culture life, is the work named Menâkıb-ı İbrahim Gülşenî, which was written at the request of his sheikh Ahmed Hayâlî.

LEVNÎ 1600s-1732 Rumeli Edirne Turkey Ottoman Miniature Artist, Folk Poet, late 17th century, Edirne-1732, Istanbul), real name Abdülcelil Çelebi,

RIZA TEVFİK BÖLÜKBAŞI 1869-1949 Rumeli Svilengrad, Bulgaria Bulgarian Poet, Philosopher and Statesman.

ŞEVKET SÜREYYA AYDEMİR 1897-1976 Rumeli EdirneTurkey Writer, Thinker, Economist, Historian.

ÖMER LÜTFÜ BARKAN 1902-1979 Rumeli Edirne Turkey Economic History

ŞEVKET AZİZ KANSU fifty portraits 1903-1983 Rumeli Edirne Turkey Turkish scientist. Graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1923

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