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First settlements have started in Turkey geography

First settlements have started in Turkey geography in the history of humankind as the climate is very convenient for the easy life. Turkey peninsula is surrounded by black sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea. so it also becomes easy for the exchange and arrival of the new generations and populations. Therefore genetically colorful areas have been scattered all over the peninsula. And then the uniqueness of this peninsula is that it is unlike other peninsulas. it was on the east to west directions so it makes theThe new arrival of the humans easier much easier compared North to South of the Peninsula.


Google: Turkey geography.


The cities of Turkey geography is first with polis of Greek colonies in Black Sea and then Mediterranean Sea polises and then found these polis cities in Turkey geography when they have arrived in here in the history . Turks also brought their city pharmacy they have developed in in Mainely and dine in in Khorasan and here between Öksüz and areas. Found the cities and Monday they did not change the city name is mainly and then the names continue in the geography.

When they have been settled in the villages and they specify Turkish names for the villages and they have their free way if life for thousands of years. You may observe two different ways of life in Turkey geography. The first is settled villagers and the other one is that the villagers who have who have sustained nomadic way of life up to 300 years back.



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