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In the Thinkers Anthology brought together in Istanbul Thinkers, the criterion is not that the thinkers were born in Istanbul, but that their thoughts were developed in Istanbul.

Istanbul has been a prominent settlement in cultural transmission throughout history (intercultural shopping point, translation centers)

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1. MİRİM ÇELEBİ 1450-1525 İstanbul Turkey Mathematician, Astronomer, Opticist reference: katip celebi also praises his discovery. Mahmud b. Mahmud b. Kutbuddin Muhammed b. Muhammed b. Musa Kadî-zade is one of the most important mathematician-astronomers who grew up in the Ottoman Empire after Musa Kadî-zade and ‘Ali Kuşçu. real name Mahmud b. It is Mehmed. He is one of the most important astronomer and mathematicians of his time, who is interested in natural philosophy. He is the grandson of Ali Kuşçu and Kadızâde-i Rumi. He took lessons from his grandfather Hocazâde and mutakellim Sinan Pasha. Gallipoli, Bursa,He worked as a professor in Edirne and Istanbul madrasahs. In his works, it is seen that mathematicians and theologians consider the views of Ibn al-Haytham and Kemaleddin al-Farisi, especially Avicenna and Fahreddin Razi. He has important works such as Düstûru’l amel ve tashîhül cedvel, Şerhu’l Fethiyye fi ilmi’l-hey’e, Risâle fi’l-hâle and kavzi kuzah php?id=110
2. ŞEYHÜLISLAM EBUSSUD EFENDİ 1490-1574 Istanbul Turkey devoted all his time to scientific studies and played a role in the training of valuable scholars such as Hoca Sadeddin Efendi, Şeyhülislam Malulzade Sayyid Mehmed, Abdülkadir Sheikh, Sunullah Efendi, Bostanzade Mustafa Efendi and Poet Baki. Ebussuud Efendi, Famous Commentator and Legal Scholar of the Ottoman Empire, Meteris Near Istanbul in 1490 (Metris-
3. SEYDİ ALI REİS first 1498-1562 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Travel Book Seydi Ali Reis (1498 – 1562), Ottoman sailor who also served as a Captain-i Derya Turkish admiral, geography and
4. BÂKÎ 1526-1600 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Divan Literature
5. HOCA SADETTIN EFENDI 1536-1599 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
6. SEYHULISLAM YAHYA 1561-1644 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey In The Last Half Of The 16th Century And 17. Who Lived Very Long in the First Half of the Century, Sultan Mustafa I, Sultan IV. He is a scholar and a famous Turkish Divan Poet, who served as a Sheikh-ul-Islam three times during the reigns of Murat and Sultan Ibrahim. Istaanbulun 100 sciences and ideas
7. ALLÂME HOCAZÂDE 1570-1625 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Allama
8. SOLAKZÂDE 1590-1657 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey 17th Century
9. Mustafa b. Ali Muvakkit 16th century Rumeli Istanbul Astronomer, timekeeper, geographer, chief
10. HEZARFEN AHMET CELEBI 1609-1640 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
11. KATİP ÇELEBİ first 1609-1657 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Bibliography first Garbiyatist h
12. EVLIYA ÇELEBİ 1611-1682 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Travel Book “Travel or
13. EREMYA CELEBI KÖMÜRCİYAN 1637-1695 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey He is an Ottoman poet, traveler, diplomat and historian. Istanbul’s 100
14. ITRİ 1640-1712 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Composer “Tut-i
15. ABBAS VESIM EFENDI 1689-1760 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey 17th Century Ottoman Astronomer Vest. Working Place Sultan Selim
16. SULEYMAN SADEDDIN EFENDI 1719-1788 Rumeli Istanbul
17. AYVANSARÂYÎ HÜSEYİN EFENDİ ?-1787 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Eighteenth Century Ottoman History and Biography Scholar. Wandering Around Istanbul, Recording Its Important Buildings, Especially Its Mosques
18. GVİNCİCİYAN 1758-1833 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Geographer
19. ŞEYH GALİP 1757-1799 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Divan Literature Poet,
Mystic 20. KETHÜDAZADE ARİF EFENDİ 1777-1849 Rumeli Istanbul (Originally Cretan) Turkey Philosophy “Ulema should keep his tongue next to him, his eyes next to zurefa, his heart should be away from the saints”
21. Mehmet Emin Üsküdari 18th century Rumeli Istanbul, Üsküdar Turkey The relationship between religion and philosophy, which is an inseparable part of human beings and affects them, has been dealt with in various ways throughout history, some opinions have been put forward about their nature, and the relationship between them has been tried to be revealed. has been studied. In Islamic thought, these research areas determined the contact points of Kalam and Philosophy due to the similarity of their subjects. In particular, tahâfut books, which have the meaning of an encounter between religion and philosophy, have been an expression of the problem of choice regarding the research methods of these fields. Thus, it has been possible to talk about a tradition of tahâfut, in which the relationship between religion and philosophy is systematically addressed and many thinkers have contributed.Mehmed Emin Üsküdarî is an important thinker who has made serious contributions to the tradition of tahâfut formed on this ground with his work called Telhîsu Tehâfüti’l-hukemâ.
22. HAMMAMİZADE İSMAİL DEDE EFENDİ 1778-1846 Rumeli Istanbul
23. AHMET NAZİF (SAHAFLAR ŞEYHİ ZÂDE) ?- 1858 Rumeli Istanbul
24. MEHMET FAZIL ?-1882 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman Empire
25. AHMET RIFAT EFENDI (IBNI MEHMET EMIN YAĞLIKÇ) -1895 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Tanzimat Period Encyclopedia Writer
26. ŞÂNÎZÂDE ATAULLAH MEHMED EFENDİ 1771-1826 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Ottoman Physician, Translator, Writer, Historian. XIX. He is one of the important scientists who grew up in the Ottoman Empire in the first half of the century. Translating and Writing Works in Medicine, History, Mathematics, Literature and Geography, Şanizade is mostly known for his pioneering role in the modernization of Ottoman-Turkish Medicine[1]. The first three volumes of the five-volume work, which he translated from German in order to transfer the knowledge of European medicine to the Ottoman Empire, were published as a single volume in 1820; It Was the First Medical Book Published in the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul 100 sciences and ideas
27. MEHMET SADIK RIFAT PASHA 1807-1856 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman
28. SADIK RIFAT PASHA 1807-1857 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman Empire Twice Ottoman Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diplomat and State
29. AHMET VEFİK PASHA 1823-1891 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Play
30. ZİYA PASHA 1825-1880 Rumeli Istanbul Turkish Statesman,
31. İBRAHİM ŞİNASI 1826-1871 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Ottoman
32. SAKIZLI OHANNES PAŞA 1830-1912 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman Empire “Scientific Servet” and “Fünun-I Nefise Tarihi Medhali (Introduction to the History of Fine Arts)” are famous for his works. Ohannes Pasha, Languages ​​And

34. HÜSEYİN REMZİ 1839-1986 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman Empire Famous as Doctor or Evliya Hodja Hüseyin Remzi is the son of Yurdumoğlu Emin Mustafa from Kastamonu. He graduated from Military Medical School in 1865. (3315.S.) “He was raised in poverty. He taught at the Medical School and worked on animals.” (3315.S.)
35. BALIKHANE MINISTER ALİ RIZA BEY 1842-1928 Rumeli Istanbul
36. AHMED MİDHAT 1844-1912 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Writer, Journalist and Publisher. He is one of the writers of the Tanzimat Period. He is the first popular author of Turkish literature in real terms. Tercüman-I Hizmet Newspaper, which was started to be published in 1878 and continued its publication life until 1921, is the
37th Longest-Lived and Influential Journal of Ottoman Press History HÜSEYİN HÜSNÜ 1848-1911 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
38. MEHMET SAKIR PASHA 1849 – 1908 Istanbul Ottoman
39. ABDULHAK HÂMİD (TARHAN) 1851-1937 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
40. BESIR FUAT 1852-1887 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Soldier, Translator,
41. ABDURRAHMAN ŞEREF 1853-1925 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Last
42. ALİ SEDAD 1857-1900 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Logicist and Intellectual Man. He is the son of Ahmed Cevdet Pasha.
43. AHMET RIZA 1859-1931 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Ottoman Politician. He is one of the leading founders of the Committee of Union and Progress and is the person who brought Auguste Comte’s Positivism Philosophy to Turkey.[1][2] Seeing the Liberation and Development of the Ottoman Empire in Social Structure Changes Instead of Personal or Political Regime Changes
44. SALİH MÜNIR PASHA 1859-1939 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey State
45. HALİL EDHEM (ELDEM) 1861-1938 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Son of Grand Vizier İbrahim Ethem Pasha, younger brother of Osman Hamdi Bey. He is a graduate of Zurich University of Natural Sciences, Vienna Polyclinic School of Natural Sciences and Chemistry. He did his PhD in Philosophy at Berna University. Military Service Factories Ministry Consultancy, General Staff Department Translation Branch Officer, Istanbul City, Asar-I Atika Museums Directorate, Darülşafaka, Civil School, Darü’l-Muallimin and Darülfünun Natural and Geology Teaching, Industry Nefise School Directorate, History-İ Osmani Council He served as a member of the Ministry of Education, a Member of the Turkish History Committee, a Founding Member and a Vice-President of the Turkish History Research Society, a 4th and 5th Term Istanbul Deputy of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and the Head of the 4th and 5th Term Library Committee.Leibzik and Bal Darülfünları Honorary Doctor of Philosophy. Istanbul 100 sciences and ideas
46. ​​FATMA ALIYE HANIM 1862-1936 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish

48. OMER FERİD KAM 1864-1944 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Commentary on Texts, Writer, Poet, Intellectual Man. He is especially known for his Classical Turkish and Persian Literature Reviews and Commentaries. free-standing libraries,
49. İBRAHİM EDHEM MESUT (DİRVANA) 1864-1959 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Philosopher, Writer and High in the Last Years of the Ottoman State
50. OPERATOR MEHMED ZİYA 1865-1930 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
51. TEVFIK FIKRET 1867-1915 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Poet ,
52. ALİ KEMAL 1867-1922 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Known For His Oppositions Against The Union And Progress During The Second Constitutional Period And The Armistice
53. İBNÜLEMİN MAHMUD KEMAL İNAL 1870-1957 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Writer, Historian, Literary Historian, Museo
54. BEDİ’ NURİ 1872-1913 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Bedi’ Nuri Appears as an Intellectual of the Constitutional Era. He has served as an administrator and educator in various parts of the country.
55. LUTFI IDEA 1872-1934 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Istanbul Bar Association

57. AHMET ŞUAYİP 1876-1910 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Philosopher,
58. ÂKİL MUHTAR (ÖZDEN) 1878-1949 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey One of the Leading Names of Modern Turkish Medicine. Turkish Politics
59. MEHMET NECATI LUGAL fifty portraits 1878-1964 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Orientalist . He Translated Some of the Classical Works of Arabic and Persian Languages ​​into Turkish and Published Some of them
60. PRINCE SABAHATTİN 1879-1948 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
61. HALİL NİMETULLAH ÖZTÜRK 1880-1957 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Writer. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He studied philosophy in Paris. Teaching Philosophy and
Social Sciences at Darülfünun in 1910 62. HALİDE EDİP ADIVAR 1884-1964 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Writer,
63. SALİH NÂBİ 1886-1914 Istanbul Ottoman Empire Doctor
64. MUSTAFA SEKIP TUNÇ 1886-1958 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey

66. İSMAİL HAKKI BALTACIOĞLU 1886-1978 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
67. İSMAİL HAKKI UZUNÇARŞILI 1888-1977 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey History Ordinary Recognized for Ottoman History Studies. Our Great Historian, Nicknamed “Reisü’l-Müvehhirîn”, who endeavored to serve Turkish History until the last day of his life, passed away on October 10, 1977 in Istanbul, and was sent to Edirnekapı Martyrdom
68. HULUSİ BEHÇET 1889-1948 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Dermatology
69. KÖPRÜLÜZADE FUAT 1890 -1966 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey History
70. MEHMED İZZET 1891-1930 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Sociologist And
71. MEHMED EMİN ERİŞİRGİL 1891-1965 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
72. YUSUF HİKMET BAYUR fifty portraits 1891-1980 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Politician and Historian. at the Faculty of Language and History-Geography
73. AHMED MUHIDDIN 1892-1923 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish

75. ALİ KERİM ERİM 1894-1952 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Mathematician. He is the first doctoral Turkish mathematician. He received his PhD in 1919 from Frederich-Alexanders University in Erlangen, Germany. Played an Active Role in the Spread of Higher Mathematics Education and the Settlement of Contemporary Mathematics in Turkey; Pioneered the Basing of Mechanics on Mathematical Principles. He Became the First Scientist to Lead a Mathematics Doctorate in Turkey.
76. NURULLAH PERTEV BEY 1894-1956 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey

78. AGOP DİLÂÇAR fifty portraits 1895-1979 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey He is a Turkish Armenian Linguist Specializing in Turkish Language.
79. HASAN ALİYÜCEL 1897-1961 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Politician,
80. A.HAMDİ BAŞAR 1897-1971 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Politics
81. NURULLAH ATAÇ 1898-1957 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish
82. SÜHEYL ÜNVER 1898-1986 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Art
83. PEYAMİ SAFA 1899-1961 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman Empire Story And Novelist, Thinker, Newspaper WriterTurkish Writer. The Author Using the Pseudonym of Server Bedi Besides His Novels, His Intellectual Works, Polemics, Column Writing and Journalism
84. ARCHITECT EKREM HAKKI AYVERDI 1899-1984 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Architecture Turkish engineer, architect, historian, writer. He has given many paintings and many works of Turkish architecture also restored
85th NUSRET SPEED fifty portraits of the Ottoman Empire from 1899 to 1990 Rumeli Istanbul is one of Turkey’s Leading Philosophers. His Other Articles, compiled by his assistant Füsun Akatlı after his death, were published under the name of Philosophy and Remains in the Light of Science. Khidr, who Füsun Akatlı says, was a “Contemporary and Contemporary Renaissance Man”. Apart from Philosophy, Logic, Physics and Mathematics, he also had a great knowledge in the fields of History, Language, Music and Literature. Educator Professor. Turkey’s Leading
86. İsmail Müfid İstanbuli d1802 Rumelia İstanbul Turkey He was originally from İstanbul and after completing his education, he became the Mullah of Mecca and İstanbul. He is a diligent scholar who spent his life teaching and writing works. He died in 1217 (A.D. 1802), the verse of which the verse “Eylesun Yezdân Müfid enjoys his mercy” and was buried in the courtyard of Davutpaşa Mosque. Naqshbandi sect
87. Ahmed Tevhîd Efendi 1802-1869 Rumeli Istanbul Ottoman period astronomy, mathematician and state
88. ALI RIZA -1858 Rumeli Istanbul, Üsküdar Ottoman Empire
89. ENVER BEHNAN ŞAPOLYO 1900-1972 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Historian. Enver Behnan Şapolyo of Istanbul in 1900
90. ABDULLAH NECATİ AKDER 1901-1986 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
91. HÜSEYİN NİHAL ATSIZ 1905-1975 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Author,
92. ABDÜLBAKİ GÖLPINARLI 1900-1982 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
93. AHMET HAMDI TANPINAR 1901-1962 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey

95. NECIP FAZIL KISAKÜREK 1904-1983 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey

97. MAZHAR ŞEVKET İPŞİROĞLU 1908-1985 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
98. SEDAD HAKKI ELDEM 1908-1988 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
99. MEHMET ALİ AYBAR 1908-1995 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Socialist
100. NURETTIN TOPÇU 1909-1975 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Author,
101. KEMAL TAHİR 1910-1973 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Novelist,
102. EMEL ESİN 1911-1987 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish – Islam
103. ORHAN BURİAN fifty portraits 1914-1953 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish, Essay and Criticism Writer. He graduated from Kabataş High School for Boys and Cambridge University in England, Department of English Language and Literature. Orhan Burian Defended Freedom of Thought and Humanist Worldview; He is known for writing articles on topics such as thought, art and society. Orhan Burian’s Literary Life Translations from Leading Names of English Literature Like William Shakespeare
104. TAHİR ALANGU 1915-1973 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Writer

106. BURHAN OĞUZ 1919-2009 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Cultural Historian And
107. SABRİ ÜLGENER 1911-1983 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Sociologist “Mentality, Intellectuals and Izmler” (Mayaş Publications, 1983), “The Moral and Mentality World of Economic Dissolution” (Der Publications , 1981), “Stenosis Depression Economics and Politics of Islam” (unleavened Publications, 1984), with
108 ANNOUNCEMENT PROF 1913-1993 Aydin Istanbul Turkey Rumeli Science
109 1915-2002 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey poet Melih Cevdet Anday,
110 AZRA ERHAT 1915 -1982 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Trial And
111. MİHRİ BELLİ 1915-2011 Rumeli Istanbul, Silivri Turkey Communist Politician And Writer. Thrace Defense During the War of Independence

113. TARIK ZAFER TUNAYA 1916-1991 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
114. HACI MUZAFFER ÖZAK 1916-1985 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
115. ORHAN HANÇERLİOĞLU 1916-1991 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
116. İLHAN ARSEL 1920-2010 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Academician,

118. HAYDAR KAZGAN 1921-2009 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Economy

120. FETHİ GEMUHLUOĞLU 1922-1977 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
121. NEJAT GÖYÜNÇ 1925-2001 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish History

123. AMİRAN KURTKAN BİLGİSEVEN 1925-2005 Rumeli Istanbul
124. MURAT SARICA 1926-1983 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Political
125. ŞERİF MARDIN 1927-….. Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Sociologist,
126. SENCER DİVİTÇİOĞLU 1927-2014 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey

128. BİLGE KARASU 1930-1995 Rumeli İstanbul Türkiye Öykü, Roman,
129. AYKUT KAZANCIGİL 1930 Rumeli İstanbul Türkiye He graduated from Galatasaray High School and Faculty of Medicine. In 1957, she joined the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine as an Assistant. He became Specialist (1961), Associate Professor (1967), Professor (1974) respectively. He retired in 1997 after 40 years of service at the university. He has nearly 70 books and around 200 articles. Some of the books on Science and Technology in the Ottomans, Medical History Studies. Http://Www.Timas.Com.Tr/Getfile/95c22fe8-Ffcf-404e-88fb-185b1b627291/Homepage.Aspx m.friendfeed-
130. YILMAZ ÖZTUNA 1930-2012 Rumeli İstanbul, Fatih Vezneciler
131. SERVER TANİLLİ 1931-2011 Rumeli İstanbul Turkey Turkish Writer,
132. ÖZDEMİR NUTKU 1931 Rumeli İstanbul Türkiye Tiyatrobilimci,
133. PARS TUĞLACI 1933 Rumeli İstanbul Türkiye Ermeni asıllı Türk
134. EROL BİLBİLİK 1935-……. Rumeli İstanbul, Üsküdar Türkiye Kirli

136. METE TUNÇAY 1936-……… Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Political
137. SUAT SİNANOĞLU 1940———— Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
138. ISENBÜKE TOGAN 1940 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish History Professor. Central Asian and Chinese History Subjects Among His Research Topics
139. HALUK ŞAHİN 1941 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Journalist, Writer, TV
140. AYŞE ŞASA 1941-2014 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Screenwriter, Writer
141. SAİM YEPREM 1941 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Professor of Theology
142. TINAZ TİTİZ 1942 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Politician. He was born on April 18, 1942 in Istanbul. In 1963, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Electrical Engineering

144. STAEFANOS YERASIMOS 1942-2005 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
145. ÜMİD HASSAN 1943-…… Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Former Turkish
146. BARIŞ MANÇO 1943-1999 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Artist, Singer, Composer, Songwriter, TV Program Producer and Presenter, Column

148. HASAN CEMAL 1944-…….. Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Journalist,
149. FÜSUN AKATLI 1944-2010 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Critic, Writer, Lecturer. Philosopher
150. AYTUNÇ ALTINDAL 1945-2013 Rumeli Istanbul, Bakırköy Turkey

152. AHMET GÜNER SAYAR 1946 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Economic History
153. BETÜL ÇOTUKSÖKEN 1950 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Studies Mostly Related to Western Medieval Philosophy Betül Çortuksöken Has Been Dealing With The Fundamental Problems Of The Philosophy Of Knowledge And Language For Almost Twenty Years, Especially What Or What Is Philosophy? He is working on what he is. Since 1998, he has added the philosophical foundations of human rights to his fields of study. He participated in various projects on this subject and gave training at different levels. In 2004, he founded the Department of Philosophy at Maltepe University, where he started working in the 2000-2001 academic year. Betül Çotuksöken, the Vice-President of the Turkish Philosophical Institution and the Vice-President of the International Federation of Philosophical Organizations, is also the UNESCO Turkish National Commission.

156. ŞEVKET PAMUK 1950 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Economic Historian And Orhan Pamuk’s Big Brother. He was born in Istanbul. He graduated from Robert College and Yale University. in Economics from Berkeley

158. OMER TECIMER 1952-2014 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey He was born in 1952 in Istanbul. Ömer Tecimer’s Research Books titled “Rosicrucian: Underground Sources of Western Civilization” and “Cinema: Modern Mythology”, which attracted great attention, were also published by Plan B. Galatasaray High School graduate, writer, intellectual, researcher and writer working on secret organizations in history. He has been a banker for fifteen years and one day he decides to write a book about underground organizations that he is interested in as a hobby and quits his job. It is admirable for this feature alone. He also declared that he was an old mason. The author of the book Gül pilgrimage came out of the publications of Plan B. The scope of the literature he compiled is admirable. There is an examination and research book called Cinema: Modern Mythology, published by Plan B Publishing House.It is recommended to those who are looking for a rational approach to the hermetic tradition. Today I received the news of the death of Ömer Tecimer… I am very sad… He had a lot more to say… He will write, He will write… Born in 1952, he is also a Galatasaray High School graduate. It is said that he is a Freemason, but it doesn’t matter, he left his books to us. He is one of the rare people in our country, from whom I learned about the Hakka march from the dictionary and was very saddened by his research and was very informed about his research. I wish patience to all his relatives and loved ones. he was silent, from now on the books will talk. is said that he is a freemason, but it doesn’t matter, he left his books and we have to read. I wish patience to all his relatives and loved ones. he was silent, from now on the books will talk. is said that he is a freemason, but it doesn’t matter, he left his books and we have to read. I wish patience to all his relatives and loved ones. he was silent, from now on the books will talk.
159. MURAT BARDAKÇI 1955 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey He is a Journalist, Writer and Television Programmer Specializing in History. He is known for his researches on the collapse period of the Ottoman Empire. Speaks Arabic, Persian, French, English and Ottoman Turkish. He also has expertise in musical writing systems such as the Ebced Note, the Hamparsum Note, and the Byzantine and Haz Neums. Writing And Wide Range of the Printing Works and Archives Library Register resulting from their
160 ŞÜKRÜ Hanioğlu 1955 …… Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Political
161. SALİM AYDUZ 1958-……………. Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Ottoman History of Science 4 Ottoman Science and Education in the Period of Renewal / Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu – Assoc. Dr. Salim Aydüz
. MAHMUT EROL KILIÇ 1961-………. Rumeli Istanbul Turkey
163. DUCANE CÜNDİOĞLU 1962 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Writer, Thinker. He was imprisoned before 12 September 1978, at the age of 16, due to political events. She was a Turkish nationalist for nearly four years
164. LEYLA İPEKÇİ 1966 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Journalist,
165. MARKAR ESAYAN 1969 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Turkish of Armenian descent
166. CELAL TAHIR 1969-…………… Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Recent History
167. İBRAHİM KALIN 1971 Rumeli Istanbul Turkey Philosophy and Islam

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