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1 Algorithm: Harezmi
2 Astronomy: Harezmi, Farabi, Biruni, İbni Sina, Ömer Hayyam
3 Algebra: Harezmi
4 Natural Sciences: Biruni
5 Pharmacology: Biruni
6 Physics: Biruni, İbni Sina
7 Geodesy: Biruni
8 Chemistry: Biruni, İbni Sina
9 Cosmology: Oğuz Kağan
10 Logarithm: Harezmi
11 Mathematics: Harezmi, Biruni, Ömer Hayyam
12 Music: Farabi, İbni Sina
13 Programming Methodology: Harezmi
14 Medicine: Biruni, İbni Sina, Yusuf Has Hacip
15 Trigonometry: Harezmi

1 Encyclopedia: Kaşgarlı Mahmut
2 Anthropology: Biruni
3 Geography Harezmi, Kaşgarlı Mahmut
4 State Administration: Oğuz Kağan, Bilge Tonyukuk, Bilge Kagan, Kültigin, Yusuf Has Hacip, Nizam ül Mülk
5 Philosophy of Language: Farabi
6 Linguistics: Kaşgarlı Mahmut
7 Philosophy of Religion : Farabi, Hacı
Bektaşı Veli 8 EducationScience: Yusuf Has Hacip, Nizamülmülk
9 Epistemology: Farabi, Gazali
10 Ethics: Yusuf Has Hacip
11 Philosophy: Farabi, Biruni, İbni Sina, Ömer Hayyam, Gazali
12 Occidentalism: Maturidi, Ahmet Yesevi
13 Indology: Harezmi, Biruni
14 Logic: Farabi, İbni Sina, Gazali
15 Metaphysics: Farabi, İbni Sina
16 Mythology: Oğuz Kağan
17 Psychology: Farabi, Biruni, İbni Sina
18 The Art of War: Oğuz Kagan, Bilge Tonyukuk, Bilge Kagan, Kultigin
19 Travel Book: Biruni
20 Sinology: Bilge Tonyukuk, Bilge Kagan, Kultigin
21 Political Science: Farabi, Nizamül Mulk
22 Political Philosophy: Farabi
23 DictionaryScience: Kaşgarlı Mahmut
24 Strategy: Bilge Tonyukuk
25 Orientalism: Bilge Tonyukuk, Wise Kagan, Kultigin, Harezmi, Biruni
26 History: Harezmi, Biruni
27 Sociology: Bilge Tonyukuk, Farabi, Biruni
28 Turcology: Kaşgarlı MahmutRELIGIOUS SCIENCES (5)

1 Fiqh (Islamic Law): Ebu Hanife, Maturidi, Gazali, Sheikh Edebali
2 Hadith: Sheikh Edebali
3 Kalam: Ebu Hanife, Maturidi, Gazali
4 Sufism: Gazali, Ahmet Yesevi, Sheikh Edebali, Mevlana, Hacı Bektaş Veli, Yunus Emre
5 Tafsir: Maturidi, Sheikh Edebali

ART (2)

1 Literature
2 Poetry: Yusuf Has Hacip, Ömer Hayyam, Ahmet Yesevi, Mevlana, Hacı Bektaş Veli, Yunus Emre

Four Thinkers and Civilization Stations:

  • Musa al-Khorezmi,
  • Farabi,
  • al-Biruni,
  • Ibn Sina

These four thinkers, who lived in the 250-year period between 780-1037, were the most productive of our Founding Thinkers and produced works in 30 disciplines. Harezmi and Biruni established the science of Indology and gave us the knowledge of the gigantic  Indian Civilization  .

Oğuz Kağan, Bilge Tonyukuk, Bilge Kagan and Tonyukuk and  Turkish Contemplation, which acquired the knowledge of Chinese Civilization,  then   synthesized the Indian and Iranian Civilizations . All these Civilization stations have been inhabited for many centuries and our knowledge has been deepened.

The Treaty of Kasrı Şirin and the following Egyptian Campaign blocked the way of Eastern and Turkestan resources, causing our thinking to freeze; the gap has been filled with Ashariism, which is contrary to our sociology, transferred from the South (Egypt).

The geographies of our Founding 20 Scholars are 10 ancient countries that traverse Greater Asia;

  1. Chinese
  2. Mongolia
  3. Kyrgyzstan
  4. Kazakhistan
  5. India
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Uzbekistan
  8. Iranian
  9. Iraq
  10. Turkey

Contribution of 20 Founding Scholars;

  • Sciences: 15 disciplines
  • Social Sciences: 28 disciplines
  • Religious Studies: in 5 religious science fields
  • Art & Literature: 2 branches of art & literature

50 branches in total..

The fact that the number of 50 branches shows is that we were once on a constantly developing line in the branches of science and art.

Just as the Persian cultural environment in Transoxiana   turned into Turkestan, the Greek cultural environment in Anatolia  transformed into Turkey .

Hoping to grasp the breadth of the Turk’s world of contemplation as soon as possible….

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