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Folk songs from Anatolia, lieds from Turkish composers

by Doğan Hızlan

Soprano Ece İdil sang 12 Anatolian Folk Songs of Cemal Reşid Rey from Turkish Five accompanied by Seher Tanrıyar ‘s piano . Vedat Kosal played Turkish Landscapes . It is possible to understand the innovation that the polyphonic music brought by the Republic has brought to our folk songs and folk music from Cemal Reşid Rey’s CD, note by note. Why did Rey do these studies? The answer to the question is given by Evin İlyasoğlu in the booklet, Cemal Reşid Rey.

We find it in his article:

‘The year is 1926. Young Cemal Reşit is trying to compose on the piano in the Darülelhan (conservatory) library. The librarian Fazil enters the room and interrupts his work. ‘O European,’ he says, ‘Enough of this European music, we also have dance tunes and folk songs. Just mess with them! ‘ And he catches the young artist and takes him to Udi Sedat Bey’s room. He plays tunes for him with his oud for hours. ‘

Rey is said to have said , ‘I was struck by lightning ,’ after listening to this, and Sarızeybek arrives in a week, harmonized.

I call this work the synthesis of West and East created by the republic.

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Cemal Reşid Rey, Ahmet Adnan Saygun, Ulvi Cemal Erkin, İlhan Usmanbaş, Cenan Akın, Nevit Kodallı, Necil Kázım Akses, Muammer Sun, Gürer Aykal.

İktu ‘s work reflects the meeting of Turkish composers and Turkish poets.

Listening to the works of Turkish poets in Western music is a very important dimension for me. Because, in general, the works of our poets are listened and performed only in Turkish music, so these compositions are a meeting of polyphonic music and literature in our post-republic music. This CD of

Mesut Iktu fills one of our shortcomings.

Cahit Kulebi’The works of the total of poets , from Omer Bedrettin to Ece Ayhan , to Oktay Rifat . This work of Mesut İktu is undoubtedly a very important CD for music lovers. Don’t just ask the question of what Western music has brought to our music, while listening to these pieces, hear the positive answer to the question of what Western music has brought to our poetry from these compositions. * * * A regimen has been successful for me in proportion to its culture. The Republic was settled thanks to this music.


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