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Indian Cultural Heritage in Turkey: Aziziye Hamamı, Kadikoy, Istanbul

Aziziye Hamamı, Kadıköy 

Located on Recaizade Street in Kadıköy, Aziziye Bath was built in the last years of the Ottoman sultan Sultan Abdülaziz in the 1860s. It reflects the Arabesque and Indian architectural style. It is covered with lime plaster and is symmetrical.

This hammam not far from Kadikoy dock is absolutely untouristy and affordable. It’s one of the oldest in the area and managed to avoid spa-fication. Visit it for the spirit of authentic Turkish ritual, simplicity and practicality. You’ll get a cheap bath and massage and lots of impressions –resonant silence, splashes of water and steam are so relaxing and meditative. Though local staff don’t speak that much English their hospitality is a great compensation.

Aziziye Hamamı Istanbul

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