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Geographies of Founder Turkish Scholars

Our own sociology and civilization geographies are always ignored in Turkey’s Ideas Agenda. 

Especially the North Atlantic intelligence services have turned our world of thought into a game board and they are constantly buying minds.
The minds were captured with translated works from the West, North and South.

Our Springs of Thought and Resources are 7 countries in the East, in  Greater Asia . The  fountains of ideas of this country in the geographies of Turkestan have created the spirit of Turkey. Each fed the other.

The geographies of our 20 Founding Scholars are located in the easternmost Mongolia, and Bilge Tonyukuk memorialized our Zero Stone with his Inscription.
  1. Turkey: Sheikh Edebali. Yunus Emre
  2. Uzbekistan: Abu Hanifa. Khwarezmi. Maturidi. Ibn Sina
  3. Iran: Herekani. Biruni. NizamülMulk. Gazzali, Haji Bektashi Veli
  4. Kazakhstan: Farabi. Yesevi
  5. Afghanistan: Mevlana
  6. Kyrgyzstan: Yusuf Has Hacip
  7. China: Tonyukuk. Mahmud of Kashgar
  8. Mongolia: Oguz Khan. Bilge Kagan. your cult
The geographies of our scholars are spread over 8 countries, led by Iran and Uzbekistan.
  1. Iran: 5
  2. Uzbekistan: 4
  3. Mongolia: 3
  4. China: 2
  5. Turkey: 2
  6. Kazakhstan: 2
  7. Kyrgyzstan: 1
  8. Afghanistan: 1


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