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Istanbul: The Ancient Center of The New World

From Hungary to Turkey, from the Black Sea to the Adriatic, and even, as some have suggested, to Russia, Central Asia and China, a regional (domestic) market is re-forming.
From Debrecen in the northeast of Hungary to Istanbul, the center of Euro-Asian trade, the contours of a region different from the political and military border definitions of states begin to appear.

For more than a decade, ancient trade routes have resurfaced in the region, while ancient cities have been resurgent as trade centers in the Balkans.

Over the past decade, new/old market centers have emerged throughout the Balkans and throughout central and eastern Europe.

Eventually, Istanbul, the backbone of Euro-Asian trade, became once again the main commercial center of the whole region.

Istanbul, which has been the capital of the Eastern Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires throughout history and has a commercial tradition of approximately 2500 years; It is the center of NEW EUROPE.

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