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Social Justice Videos at BooksonTurkey

hi now it’s the time for
social justice the covid practice of
social distance times
have finished so the
the organizations and institutions are
needed for
implementing social justice all over the
world for 8 billion humans.

organization should be as United Humans
Organization and Civil Society
should act according to
the actions to be followed.

the world is going to have more
catastrophes with the distances,
social distances with the humans all
over the world

good day

social justice understanding created
big Empires
for the states in the past

first, Roman
Empire of 2000 years
with the application of Roman Law by
he created a great Empire

and secondly Turkish Ottoman Empire
it enlarged for the great areas
during 1500s and the biggest the tallest
building at the Turkish Ottoman Palace
was called as Justice Tower.
single tallest building and it
was Justice Tower only.

now it’s the time at the 21st century
it’s the time for creating humanitarian
Empire for all the humanity all over the
world good day my friends.



turkey my country
is having a great earthquake now
suffering a lot with great sorrows
for the humans living in the southern
part of the country.

72 countries sent their rescue teams
for the event
so hope turkey soon
will having again good times and getting
the lessons what has happened with this

as 72 countries
sent their rescue teams this
shows us the
solidarity for the Human
Society all over the world

we need
this solidarity for all events not for
the disasters only but for the social
justice to be happened all over
the world

good day my friends good


Social justice globally

Social Justice Videos at BooksonTurkey. Hi my friends, today is the 10th of February 2023. Then we will talk about social justice.

Social Justice Videos at BooksonTurkey. First of all, there happened a very severe earthquake on Monday, five days before in Turkey. Social Justice Videos at BooksonTurkey

This is really very severe. It happened in southern Turkey and then numbers are rising rapidly. I want to talk about that point, first of all, we are suffering in Turkey. I call you from Istanbul.

But this is in another 10 cities in Turkey. More than 18 countries have sent their rescue teams. This is very good news but people are suffering too much and so this is our sorrow currently.

Coming to our topic social justice so within 10 headlines I will go quickly proceed for the subject for social justice all over the world.

Richest and Poorest

The richest 10 percent in the world gets 52 percent of the income and then the poorest 50 percent only gets 8 percent of the total income

Social Value Concept

First of all, we come to the concept of the social concept. The value and wealth is produced socially. The humans produce this value and wealth. Humans as workers do the production. Then white collars and blue colors all together they create the value. But for the distribution of this production value, who gets which most of percentages?.

Though the production is social one, it is only 10 percent getting 52 percent income. Can they do this value alone by themselves?. No they need humans. They need but why do humans get very less value of the income. This is a very big question. I will explain how can it be replied with the solutions.

Production is social but sharing is by limited individuals. No it is not acceptable.

Justice Concept

And secondly, the justice concept is not in the courts only. Justice must be in life. Justice is valid at the courts only. Let’s go to the court and then see what will happen with the judge. Life should be in justice.

How will it be is really very universal problem. The population of the world is over 8 billion and 800 million gets 52 percent of the income. Is it acceptable?.

Justinian and Roman Law

Then we come to the points for justice. I remembered Justinian. He was a Roman emperor. And then he was in my city Istanbul Turkey geography.  15 minutes from my home was Roman Palace. What did he do. He was representing justice in the world. Because he qualified the Roman Law for the justice the first time in the history. He codified the law and then he also constructed Saint Sofia Church. It was the biggest church at AD 550 time the orthodox church in Istanbul. He was a great man. He wrote down the justice code that is Roman Law.

United Nations

When we come to the point of institutions, it is United Nations. Nations mean divided. When we look at from the universe to the world, we see the geography, the physical map only. Why do we divide the world as nations.

Why the institution is not called as United Humanity? 


This is very important and secondly coming to the last point, we need to use institutions all over the world and existing institutions are not satisfactory.

Business Life

There is no justice in business life as well because the sharing is not in a correct way


Humanity should find a solution in everyday life for social justice so. In this case justice is justified otherwise justice happens on the courts only. We don’t have to go to the courts. It should be justified for daily life.

So have days with social justice all my friends.

So have a good day, bye for now

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