Young Travellers

Cover Photo Akçay, Aegean. Tea Break for the Tour.

© Copyright photo by Levent Ağaoğlu

Turkey is target country for the young travellers as the population especially compared to Europe is very young and train system is reaching to western, eastern, southern and northern ends of the country. Thanks so for example the Kars city in Russian border which is the northern east city is reachable by trains. Then cities in the south are also reachable by train. Black Sea cities in the North and Aegean Coastal cities in the West like İzmir are all reachable by trains.

Trading networks is also connected to Europe trains so the youngsters may come to Turkey by train and then they can go outside of Turkey. So young people may continue their journey by trying to go to Iran and then to Russia as well by train and then their journeys to the Asian destinations will be diverted as well and also speedy trains available in Turkey.

Young people may reach to the Turkish towns and villages by train, so they can enjoy their country life at that destinations happily, they can see smiling faces of the villagers and peasants on the train and then can observe the village life at ordinary villages reachable in destinations inside Turkey.


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