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Since we cannot look at art and culture as a business, we cannot create demand, interest and value in both fields. A business without value cannot develop and remains stunted.

The monstrous consumer culture makes people similar to the commodities they buy. The demand of commodity by people is only for the material, their world of meaning is empty, shallow and limited.

Since they lack a spiritually rich inner world required by culture and art, they are unable to produce artefacts, and therefore they fill this gap with the commodities they buy. Only commodities can have value for them. Culture and art are not worth money. Concerns can only be material.

Society increasingly pays the price of this insensitivity in the upbringing of its children and youth, and intergenerational miscommunication produces crises. The empty and meaningless glances of individuals writhing in the grip of the culture of worthlessness, like the cultures taken from patients in hospitals, clearly reveal all diseases to our eyes.
A life full of monotonous, commoditised, meaningless and plastic looks.

The only way to transform it is to enrich its inner world by processing it with culture and art and to make its outer appearance smile with the vitality of life.

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