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Mesnevi as a philosophy of life

by Doğan Hızlan

December 11, 2004

Today, Mevláná Celáleddin Rumi, attracts the attention of many people, publications on Mevlevilik are increasing rapidly.

What is the place of Mevláná in the history of humanity and faith, can we list the reasons why the message he conveyed from centuries past is still alive, where is the secret that affects people so much about tolerance, love for people, and understanding God within a philosophy? After the DP came to power in

Turkey , sema demonstrations were allowed. The number of books published on Mevlevi and Mevlana increased. His philosophy, which strengthens the manevi side of today’s people, finds supporters all over the world, but especially the sources abroad often evaluate it in Iranian literature.

Undoubtedly, Abdülbáki Gölpınarlı is one of the first names that will come to mind when the bibliography of the studies done in this field is published.

Mevlana ‘ s largest piece, described as Mesnevi’ y recommendation we make to our readers before reading, Mevlana and Mevlevi are the books we read an article about our name.

Because when they are alone with the text, they have difficulty in interpreting and reaching its deep meaning.

Göpınarlı describes the superior difference of Mevláná as follows:

‘First of all, it must be said that while Maulana was describing his ideas, there is no sickness in the use of terms, which is seen as a disease among the Sufis, which increases gradually in almost every Sufi, and which makes what is being explained incomprehensible rather than being understood. He tells what he is going to tell with folk stories and in a way that the public can understand.’

It ‘ s the survival of so many years has this idea of simplicity.

Mevláná said, ‘I sing poetry because the people of Anatolia love poetry,’ this is also important in terms of showing which lands he is a person of.

However, according to many people’s notes, his writing in Persian causes him to be counted among Iranian literature.

The decisive role of language in determining an author’s belonging cannot be underestimated, but the environment in which the work was created should not be forgotten. Mesnevi, the most widely read and translated into almost all languages ​​in the world , consists of 25618 couplets.

Gölpınarlı, Mesnevi Tercemesi and Commentary ‘ s at the beginning of the presentation’ ta says:

‘Mevlana, Mesnevi’s the’ Union of Shops’ in to say, Mesnevi’y of

Mesnevi’miz, the Union is a shop;

Whatever else appears suddenly, it is

uttur , he is praising it with his couplet.

The Place of Mevlevi in Turkish Culture and Art in Asaf Halet Çelebi’s book Mevláná and Mevlevicontains interesting views in terms of its effect on artists.

Gölpınarlı also expresses this effect on divan literature in his book Mevlevilik After Mevláná :

‘It seems that Mevlevi poets are superior poets in divan literature. His poems are within the technical and aesthetic framework of this literature. In this respect, there is a Mevlevi literature in divan literature.’

Adnan Karaismailoğlu gives the following information about the work at the beginning of his two-volume Mesnevi book:

‘Mesnevi is the product of an activity that filled the last five years of Mevláná’s life.

Mevláná followed an informative and instructive way in his Mesnevi, his knowledge of religion and mysticism, the understanding and attitudes that came to life until the years he lived.’

As both Gölpınarlı and Karaismailoğlu stated, the meeting of the text with life comes under the people’s interest in this work .

On the back cover of the book, the view that ‘an unexplained translation will make it easier to reach them’ is defended.

I believe that today’s generation will understand Karaismailoğlu ‘s translation without looking at the dictionary .

You can also find enough information about his life and works.

Abdülbaki Gölpınarlı’Mesnevi Tercemesi and Commentary will read the book, Mevlana and Mevlevilik will gain an in-depth review about wealth.

For today’s qualified readers, academics and experts, the translation of Gölpınarlı is among the must-read works.

I should also state that the enthusiastic style of the Presentation is effective in bringing the reader closer to Mevláná .

The purpose of Şefik Can ‘s translation is to make it readable by more people.

It can be said that the annotated Mesnevi translation according to its subjects will help the readers to understand.

Sefik Can, Translation Eden’s Preface ‘ s in Mesnevi’ y English to translate the English müsteşri the Whinfield ‘ in view of the can argue that it is accurate in terms of reads today:

‘ Mesnevi’y can be boring to the extent unimaginable to translate from start to finish. Because while telling the stories, Mevlana always goes beyond the subject and draws moral conclusions from them by adding other stories until he finishes the main story. To get to know ‘

Mevláná’ and to learn his philosophy, you must You have to read Mesnevi . We would like to give a small bibliography of Mevláná for our readers .

Mesnevi Translation and Commentary (3 volumes) -Abdülbáki Gölpınarlı- Revolution

Mevláná Celáleddin, His Life, Works, Philosophy -Abdülbáki Gölpınarlı- Revolution

Mevláná Celáleddin Letters – Abdulbáki Gölpınarlı – Revolution

Mevláp Mevlálál, After Mevlálál

The Art of Mevlevilik, The Art of Revolution,

Gölpınar selections from his works -Abdülbáki Gölpınarlı- Varlık Mevláná’s Rubais – Asaf Hálet Çelebi – Syllable

Mevláná and Mevlevilik – Asaf Hálet Çelebi – Syllable

Mevláná Celáleddin with All Its Aspects – İsmet Zeki Eyuboğlu – Özgür in

Today’s Language Mevláná – A. Kadir –

An Annotated Mesnevi Translation According to the Subjects of Say (3 volumes)- Şefik Can – Ötüken

Mesnevi Stories – Jun. Şefik Can – Ötüken

Mevláná/Mesnevi (2 volumes) – Adnan Karaismailoğlu – Akçağ

Cán is Supreme Selections from the Heavens/Mesnevi – Kenan Sarıalioğlu, illustrated by Gültekin Çizgen – World


RUBAI There is neither height nor lowness in love. There is neither wisdom nor foolishness

; There are treacherousness, vagrancy, rindlik.


We are content to be without wine and glass. Whether they say good or bad for us, we are satisfied.

Us: ‘There is no end to you!’ they say. We are glad to have no end.


Come to the vineyard and watch the nature dressed in green! Watch the nature that has opened a flower shop on every corner.

The roses laugh and say to the nightingale: ‘Shut up and watch in silence!’


What day is it today that is brighter than ever? A voice from the firmament cries out to those on the ground:

‘Do not measure this day by other days; Good news for you, O lovers, that this is your time!’ says.


If you had read one page of our book, you would have been amazed forever; what admiration!

If you sat down for a moment to read the lesson of the heart, you would show the masters the lessons to study.


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