World Growth Through Language


Hello my dear friend, Today I will convey with you the subject of understanding the world and growing in the world through language, through the Turkish language. You know, there is a phrase in our language: to turn the tongue, we say, my tongue does not return, the moon did not turn. What we need to do is to return the Turkish language, which is a very rich language, to the world.

This language, the most important point here is that there are countries where the Turkish language is spoken, there are 7-8 states that we know, there are Turkish states, 5-6 in Turkestan, and here is Turkey. There is an Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. If you add up, 7-8 states. Then, it is a limiting approach to associate our activity with the issue of Turkishness only with the Turkish states.

What do the British say? British Commonwealth of Nations. There are 54 countries in it and they are not British. Brits are just people who live in the United Kingdom, most of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand States. But the others are non-British people. India speaks English.

Likewise Francophone countries. There are many more than 20 countries in Africa. They speak French.

Now, we do not want to use our language in the Turkish states, but in the fields outside the Turkish states, which is at issue, to spread it. For example, Afghanistan, there is a Turkish language in Afghanistan, but it is not a Turkish state. To provide activity there, There are two important continents here. Africa and South America.

Africa’s population is now one billion, and will reach 4.5 billion by 2100. Spreading our language there is extremely important in the African continent. The first Turkish state was founded in 868 by Tolunoğulları in Africa. The founders of Cairo are Tolunoğulları, Turks. We are very common in this Africa deep down.

Kuloğulları, Tolunoğulları, Dayıoğulları, in every way we are in Africa. We arrive from north to south of Africa. We deepened our activity through Turkish Airlines flights and schools, we need to go much deeper.

Of course, the most important point here is to win the youth in these continents. To attract non-Turkish nations through our language. There are currently 3-4 active languages ​​in the world. English, French, Arabic active outside its territory. We need to add Turkish as well.

South America, why South America, there are El Türkos, they are our compatriots. Turks from the Ottoman Empire, we won them, in these continents, the Turkish language is originally Turkish in Mexico. In other words, it is a related language, a related language with Turkish.

Likewise, people in North America are natives of Asia by origin. Their roots have been dried, but we will try to bring those dried roots back to life. Turkish language is a very rooted language. Sometimes these roots become plane trees. Sometimes it is in the form of a seedling, we have to develop that seedling. The most important policy we will make over language is through homosexuality, and the Turkish language has been traveling the world with a generation. We will build the Turkish language path very widely on the generation. Hopefully.

Hope to see you again, goodbye.


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