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11 February 2020

Thank you very much for this initiative. I am a writer myself. I discovered Bilge Tonyukuk about the act of writing 5 years ago. Our first author, the 1300th anniversary of his monument is celebrated this year. He is also our first Prime Minister. The person who started writing for the first time on the act of reading, I care a lot about him. I also attach great importance to public policies regarding reading.

80% of education in the UK is verbal. Who did this State? Since when has he been doing this for 500 years? Who dominated English in the world, the state.

Our language is our greatest strength, my opinion about reading is our language. Because our communication was in the steppes, in the steppes of Asia, Greater Asia, we communicated by whistling. Turks have a great communication genius.

Why are we behind in reading, Ms.Aydın said. The gentleman also spoke. Erdogan, genetics. Now Aydın’s genetics go to the nation. It goes to five hundred BC. Thales, Anaxemender. The Chinese wrote a book. As the hundred great philosophers of the world. Among the top 10, 5 of them were born in Turkey. 3 of them are from Aydın. Now we will know it. Why is the quality of education so high in Aydın and İzmir, there is genetic continuity. So there is continuity of this geographical genetics. We need to evaluate this.

I won’t take it too long. Here, I attach great importance to state policy, not in the sense of glorifying Reading, but in the sense of enlarging reading. So gyms are opening. So there is a shortage of things today. I am not saying reading halls or libraries, reading halls should be opened. The picture will change as soon as the state starts to pursue such a policy.

Our Director of National Education spoke very well. Our education is digital. We are trying to extract something verbal from the digital. Not possible. We need to flip this over. Thank you very much for listening and for our seminar.

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