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Why are Turkish and Chinese Civilizations opposite to each other?

Turkish Belt of 35,000 km

When we examine the map of the cultural artifacts of the Turks, we see that the map of Turkey expands towards the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Crimean Peninsula, Mesopotamia and the Caucasus, and Iran.
Here, there is another area the size of Turkey. We also see areas where we have cultural artifacts in the form of blue beads in areas from Mexico to Sweden, from Sweden to South Africa, from South Africa to East Turkestan and China in other parts of the world.
However , when the areas around Turkey where cultural artifacts are located, which we attach particular importance to, are added, the fact that a more than doubled enlarged Turkey map emerges.
So, culturally Turkey is a much bigger structure than political Turkey. The important thing is to develop projects based on these cultural map data in policy designs .

Cultural Heritage of Turks

From our Swedish Haparanda
Martyrdom to the Ottoman Mosque
in South Africa ; From our Mexican clock tower to our martyrdom in Japan;
Our ancestral works in four directions ,
from East to West , from
North to South
Thirty-five thousand kilometers
Turkish belt
the Worlds
*Haparanda: A city in northeastern Sweden.

22,000 km of Chinese Wall 

I saw the real map of the Great Wall of China for the first time. I thought it was going south, but the Great Wall of China, which took its way to the west came as far as Central Asia and drew a barrier towards the north .
Are the wall builders now paving the way (belt and road project)? Shall we believe?

How Long Is The Great Wall Of China? 21,196 km or Longer…
Written by Sunny Xie, updated December 23, 2022

According to the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA) dated June 5, 2012, the official length of the Great Wall of China is 21,196.18 kilometers (13,170.7 miles). The length of the Great Wall of China was revealed after six years of archaeological research.

Considering that the distance is close to 22,000 km, or half the circumference of the equator, the wall actually consists of several different sections that were built in the last 2,000 years.

It is the tallest man-made structure, and construction that began 2000 years ago and continued into the 14th century is probably one of the longest construction projects ever undertaken.


The Great Wall of China 1997. The 22,000 km wall they built on the Great Wall in 2000 years.
What will China , which tried to protect itself from the Turks thousands of years ago with the Great Wall of China of 22,000 km , against the protection wall that the USA will erect? Great Wall of China and European Refugee Walls; It is a partnership of deadlock, it does not bring racism. Both will collapse in the coming period.
The 22,000 km Great Wall of China , built against the Turks in 2000 years, is now a tourist attraction.
From the Great Wall of China to Rumelia
Let me be sacrifised to noble ancestors
From the Mediterranean to the Pacific!
One spark is enough; to my dear nation
April 1997, Hong Kong

China has constantly changed dynasties, and the 22,000 km -long Great Wall of China was also miniaturized in the face of gigantic country borders.

Turks have decorated 35,000 kilometers of 40,000 km of the world’s diameter with cultural artifacts from Sweden in the north to southern Africa in the south, from Mexico in the west to China in the east. 7500 Turkish place names in more than 100 countries are also an indicator of the Turkish generation. Turkish is spoken in 58 countries. In that case, Turkish culture, Turkish existence has been formed on a global scale.
On the other hand, China could not go beyond its own borders. How did this happen? It is a strange situation. In order to protect his country from the steppe peoples, this is actually the practice of not being able to live with other people. It came to life as alienation. He could not live with the other.
So how did China make this possible? He built a 22,000 km long wall on the borders of the country, and they called it the Great Wall of China. This is to isolate the country from the outside world. It is to cut off contact with the outside world under the name of protection. Now, benefiting from the blessings of globalization since 1978 and getting richer, China has realized this by usurping the lives and wealth of other people, whom it sees as the other world, and has taken away their jobs and destroyed the industries of the countries.
The language of China has not been able to go beyond the borders of the country. The introversion of China, which isolates itself from the outside world, presents a dangerous situation for the world, because here the understanding of seeing itself as superior to people in other countries has grown and has become a fixed idea.

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