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Where did Anatolian Greeks who are exiled from Turkey settle?


by Evangelos Lolos

Anatolian Greek refugees were resettled all over Greece, with the exception of the Dodecanese which were still under Italian occupation.

The distribution however was far from uniform; refugees either formed suburban settlements around the main Greek cities or new rural settlements in sparsely populated areas, especially in regions where non-Greeks had just left because of the population exchanges.

The Computer Science and Computational Finance department[1] of the University Of Ioannina has published a series of very interesting interactive maps about refugee settlements, however most of them don’t distinguish between Anatolian Greeks.

Settlements in 1923 with at least 20% refugees[2]

Main refugee settlements in 1928[3]

Map showing the proportion of refugees within each province (1928)[4]

Map of the reported original settlements of the refugees[5]

Finally, the most useful interactive map to answer this question can be found here. It combines data from previous sources and cross-references the origins and settlements of the refugees where such a connection can be made. Wording on the page however suggests that the data is limited to farmers.

For example, this map is showing the places where refugees from Alikarnasos/Bodrum settled:


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