What is Turkey?

  1. How do you define Turkey for your understanding. What is Turkey?
  2. What is imagined in mindset as Turkey, What is Turkey as a concept
  3. Do you think Turkey means the world?
  4. Do you think that Turkey represents a unique story?
  5. Do you understand the books only as the books or more meanings?
  6. Who are the stereotyped individuals in respect of who shows an interest in Turkey?
  7. Which of the stereotyped individuals are more important in respect of Turkey interest?
  8. Do you think that English language literature on Turkey is sufficient?
  9. When we talk about “Beyond Turkey” concept and understanding, what comes to your mind?
  10. Do you think that Turkey is a unique key for creative solutions of the world and if so how?
  11. Do you think any parallel understanding of Humanity concept and Turkey?
  12. Is Turkey a follower or a leader in the world?
  13. Do you think “Made in Turkey” label has a global or a regional brand image?
  14. Do you publish your books and articles in English language as well and is it enough?

© Copyright photo by Levent Ağaoğlu, 1975, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey

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