What is Turkey?

Turkey is a huge continent consisting of two peninsulas, one on the European continent and the other on the Asian continent. The synthesis of two continents, Europe and Asia, in Turkey has created a completely different continent. Just as India was called a subcontinent by the British, we also call Turkey; Turkey is a continent over continents.

When the first man’s journey from Africa began, the main route of the transit routes was spread over the Turkish continent to Asia, Europe and the north. The richness of Turkey is its underground resources as well as its living creatures, people, animals and plants.

When Fatih Sultan Mehmet entered Istanbul, he entered this city with dogs and animals. People and animals live together on the streets in this country. In this country, people are not separated by color, colors are only descriptive for geography; It is the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Black Sea, the Blue Danube, the Gökçe Sea (Caspian sea).

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