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Tuti Abdullatif Mosque, Fatih, Akşemsettin. Istanbul

Mimar Sinan District, Fatih. next to Akşemseddin Mosque. It was built by Abdüllâtif Efendi in 1669 in his own name. Kazasker Abdüllâtif Efendi became famous with the nickname Tûti Lâtif due to his interest in poetry and his beautiful voice. The mosque is also known as Tuti Latif Masjid.

The walls of the mosque are made of masonry, the roof is wooden, and the minaret is made of brick. The mosque, whose small courtyard is surrounded by enclosing walls, was repaired in 1944, demolished in 1974 and rebuilt by the Association for the Revival and Protection of the Ancient Artifacts of Fatih.

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