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Turkey Top 10 Concepts: The Original Spirit of the Turk- Sky and Heart

Our soul;

Nine Eight

It was our first target

Blue skies

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April 16, 2018

Among the concepts that shape our soul, the most important ones are the concepts of sky and heart, which are the most processed and spoken. The sky is above us when we raise our heads, it has seven layers and is full of secrets. Due to the vastness and obscurity of the sky, the inefficiency of the geography and the place where the Turks set their feet, the Turks became the focus of attention. Whatever comes from the sky. They called themselves the Göktürks, they named the wise people as Gökçin bearded, and the wolf that guided them became legendary as Gökbörü. The sky is what the eye sees and is the symbol of eternity.

Another concept, the heart, is a bottomless sea and contains treasures of knowledge. It is the heart that rises to the sky. The heart is an eye that looks inward, seeking treasures of knowledge in the bottomless seas. It is the essence of man in the heart, it is man himself. Wealth is in the heart, it is the wealth of the heart. Rich people are those who carry the vastness of the sky to the depths of their hearts, and those who share the richness of the sky and heart with others in their eyes.

The spirit of the Turk wanders in the skies and in the hearts. He is the one who walks on the seas, He is the one who unites the hearts. The spirit of the Turk has continuously developed and moved to the next level, progressed and refined on the way to becoming competent. First of all, we come across five of the seven concepts in the Oguz Kagan epic.

In the period of the inscriptions belonging to the eighth century, we see that the majority of the concepts in the inscriptions of Bilge Tonyukuk, Bilge Kagan and Kul Tigin are included in the texts. When we come to the period of writings, we see that all seven of the concepts are mentioned in both Farabi and Yunus Emre.

The majority of the concepts are also mentioned in the works of Irk Bitig, Kutadgu Bilig, Divanı Lugat it Türk, Divanı Hikmet and Vapşı Bakşı. This inclusiveness shows that the spirit constantly refines and empowers itself in Turks.

The globalization process, which started with the opening of China to the world after the death of the Chinese leader Mao (September 9, 1976) in the last quarter of the 20th century, accelerated with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. China, which was the biggest reason for the start of the process, this time, towards the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, has caused the end of the globalization process as of 2020. The globalization process, which was called the “End of History” by the American scientist Francis Fukuyama and designed with the thought of ending time, could not even complete a fifty-year period, let alone a century. Especially as a result of the indifference of the European Union and the USA to the coronavirus process, the idea of ​​unity has lost its meaning in both continents.

The starting point of the book is about the plans to destroy human beings by artificializing during the corona virus epidemic in the early 2020s. Disappearing humanity has begun to threaten individual humans as well. It will be seen that the importance given to “human” among Turks, as of 2020, at the very beginning of the 21st century, has features that will put our country forward in the human hurricanes we live in and on our borders.

While the state founded by Atatürk, who invited the Western countries that attacked Turkey in the early 1920s to comply with human values ​​and recognize our sovereignty, sent aid convoys to the West in 2020, 100 years later, the human being is faced with the dilemma of extinction by being artificialized. has left. Disappearing humanity has begun to threaten individual humans as well.

The phrase “Budun da Budun boldi” (People also became people), which was first used by the Turks in the Tonyukuk Inscription (720 AD), was the   first example of how the people were elevated to where they should be. Turks have always demonstrated what they have lived and created (culture, language, states, etc.) The main thing in the Turks’ Epic of Creation and Oguz Kagan Epic was Human with all its universal reality.

A total of seven concepts, starting with the Person and ending with the Power, offer an inclusive field to explain the soul of the Turkish people. This area, on the other hand, is a large area, because it is the field where the soul of man is shaped. It is a unique Spirit; When we examine epics, inscriptions and writings, we always come across them in detail.

Our soul, which started to take shape as 9/8 in Rumelia starting from the 14th century, is a lively and enthusiastic musical rhythm. The roots of our soul, which once again caught universality in Rumeli, were shaped in the depths of inner Asia with the seven concepts here. This soul has three main elements: sky, earth and person. All three are created. A person’s life on earth, which is the world in question, is connected with the heavens, that is, the celestial universe shapes the person during his life.

From this point of view, the steppes of Inner Asia and Asia Minor have been the vast spaces where the connection with the skies has been established, the source of thoughts of the people. The thoughts of the people also fed the thinkers. The Silk Road steppes in Inner Asia and the Cappadocia region and surrounding areas in Asia Minor were the areas where the richest works were produced on the Eskişehir, Ankara, Konya, Kırşehir, Niğde, Nevşehir line. The first examples that come to our minds were Yunus Emre, Mevlana, Hacıbektaş Veli, thinkers who grew up in the steppe.

Cappadocia, the middle point of Asia Minor, and the steppe and agricultural basin areas in the middle of Central Asia were the main centers of thought. The source thinkers, whom we consider as a reference in our work, always came from these fields in Central Asia. The nourishment of the sky, the sun and the moon, the rain and the breeze, made the person dynamic.

The Turks, who gained their sovereignty during the War of Independence in 1920, also witnessed the end of the globalization process, which disregarded the sovereignty of the states and tried to destroy them, during the biological warfare process in 2020, 100 years after this date. The name of the new process that has begun is the period of personalization, and individuals and states will begin to progress towards being themselves.

The process in which people were depersonalized, states lost their sovereignty, became obscure, and was constructed towards the One World State, came to an end. In 2020, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our sovereignty, the projects of the West, which came to the fore with the Corona virus epidemic, of digital people, directing people to chip in with their consent are clear indications that the direction of reform has changed.

The task of reining the West’s longing and pressure for a world without humanity falls to the Turks this time. The residues of paganism and feudalism have now thoroughly dehumanized the West. The sects that were expelled from the religion of Christianity, cult sects and secret organizations that were reaped from the sects, all seek to impose a satanic order on the divine realm.

Copyright of Photograph by Levent Ağaoğlu, 1987, Damascus

Copyright by Levent Ağaoğlu

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