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Turkey Top 10 Concepts: It is the sky on earth; Steppe..

The steppe mind is a collective way of thinking; is not singular but universal. The old Turks call it Ög. Ög multiplies, accumulates and diversifies by being added in each generation. This variety is then poured into phrases in the form of idioms and proverbs. In this respect, the Turkish language is the mirror of the Turkish mind. Ali Akar @ali_akar 24 Nov 2020

Steppe; is the sky on earth.

I could not reach the etymological data of the word Bozkır. When and where was it first used? Gök Börü is used as a Bozkurt, is there a similar situation here?

We have fought the Chinese for thousands of years inside the area where the Yellow River takes the shape of a bell. In the vicinity of Baotou on the top of Chiang, Tonyukuk was born.

“Yes, that region has served as a front-post for thousands of years for Turkish and other steppe peoples to advance into China. Tonyukuk’s exact birthplace is unknown, but he must have been around.” by Hayrettin İhsan Erkoç.@h_ihsan_erkoc Oct 30, 2020

The difference between steppe and desert..

“Farabi’s urban theory, unlike Ibn Khaldun’s urban theory, constructs a space “open to animals” and invites people to build themselves in nature. The Turkish intellectual, who accepted Ibn Khaldun’s city model, broke the animal-human-nature relationship.” lütfi bergen@BergenLutfi Mar 31

It is sad to forget the inscriptions (Yenisey, Orkhon, Altay) written on stone in the areas from Manchuria to Mongolia and Hungary, starting from 1500 years ago along the steppe belt, as if they were written on ice…

“The great steppe has been the biggest school of the nations it has hosted. The burning sun, freezing cold, deadly hurricanes, impassable mountains, impenetrable deserts have developed a will of steel in steppe people. Motun, Tonyukuk, Cengiz, Temür… these are the children of the steppe school.” Ali Akar@ali_akar · Jun 2, 2020

Silent testimonies of meteorites extending to eternity..

Of course, it makes sense with your testimony.

“I intend to contribute to the task of understanding and narrating this great corpus, which I started in 1995, with a new book called Witnesses of the Steppes. In the book, you will find the oldest but familiar memories of the Turks. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did while writing it.”  by Erhan AYDIN ​​@proferhanaydin · 26 Mar

If Bozkurt is Gök Börü, then Bozkır should actually be Gök Kır.

We see the sky in the countryside at the gates of the Divriği Great Mosque.



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