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Turks and Human Potential Pool

by Ömer Özkaya, Turkish Writer
If Capitalism is what is claimed to be a global dominant power, why isn’t England, the cradle of Capitalism, a global power? If the rich resources and vast lands that make it a global power, then why is Russia as big as a continent not a global power?

The claim that the Ottoman Empire disintegrated because it did not establish a racial rule is not true. China, Japan, and Germany would not be sinking, invincible, if race-based dominance were sufficient to maintain dominance. The coexistence of people of the same race is not a sufficient condition for domination.

If a group of people were released into the open field for the purpose of an observation, they would be seen gathering around a tree. He has millions of fans. The Gospel of Jesus, St. Moses also has the Torah. People gather around the organizations under which they will be shadowed.

Until the last century, being a global dominant power was possible by taking over the management of organizations. The British were the most skillful in this regard, and they maintained their dominance by keeping the top administrations of the structures they built on line or religion or later captured under their control. However, when they could not perceive the change in the philosophy of dominating the world and adapt to the new situation, they lost their place to America. America has no past to learn from, it is trying to walk by learning from the mistakes of England and the long-lived empires…

The powers that have emerged victorious from wars and struggles know that they cannot completely destroy those who have been defeated, and that they will continue to exist. Therefore, there is no complete and continuous dominance among the dominant powers, but there is alternation of victory.

The secret of “long” domination, though not permanent, is in the observance of merit. State administration in the Ottoman Empire was open to the world, Istanbul; He saw the world as a human potential pool. The Ottoman Empire met its needs from this global pool, provided that it recognized its identity. Many Grand Viziers and Pashas were not actually of Turkish origin, the door of the Ottoman Empire was open to anyone who knew their business well.

These devshirme knew how to be a martyr as much as they knew how to manage and war. In the Battle of Ankara, when he and Yıldırım fought against Timur’s army, it was seen that as many people died as martyrs on the battlefield at the end of the battle, as many people had entered the battle alive. Therefore, in order to be a global power, it is not enough to employ the best, you must also put forward a world understanding that will be accepted by wide segments. Having a global personality is possible by having a global idea.

British political historian Arnold Toynbee, the Ottoman devshirme system “Taking a lamb from the flock, making it a shepherd dog and giving it the task of protecting the flock against the Wolf is a feat invented by the Turks.” he says.

In the times when the cultural level of the Muslim East was superior to that of the Christian West, Turkish intellectuals were right to be content with only Islamic culture, but the situation began to change after the Renaissance. The West rose, while the East descended. England infiltrated the Ottoman government organisms, differentiated the parts that made up the whole. The Ottomans could not find a solution to this.

Apparent and real are different. He who believes only what he sees and hears and does not use his mind cannot understand the game. Not understanding the game is losing.


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