Turkey Geography and Humanity

We are at the dawn of the 3000’s. As the dawn is getting brighter, the first lights of the period, when ideas and information are more valuable, started to appear with the 21st century.

The geography of Turkey, where ideas first sprout, is one of the fertile geographies where five of the first ten thinkers to be born live.

The result of the gene diversity and richness in the pool of the peninsulas of Turkey (Rumelia, Anatolia) at the crossing point of the continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) is likewise richness and diversity of thought.

The first essay on the Encyclopedia of Universal Thinkers begins with 2650 years of experience, starting with Thales of Miletus, the first known philosopher born in 624 BC. Among the top 10 great philosophers, the first 3 and 5 in total are from the geography of Turkey. Philosophy started in the geography of Turkey. 5 of the top 10 thinkers were born in Turkey.

  1. Thales, Miletus
  2. Anaximander, Miletus
  3. Pythagoras, island of Samos
  4. Laozi
  5. Confucius
  6. Sun Tzu
  7. Heraclitus, Ephesus
  8. Parmenides
  9. Anaxagoras, Klazomenai, Urla
  10. Protagoras

Source: Xue Xiaoyuan, Dr. The Charisma of 100 Philosophers. 2018. China Pictorial Press.

The geography of Turkey is the starting point of the first collective settlements (Çatalhöyük), the first agriculture (Urfa, Diyarbakır), the first beliefs (Karahantepe, Göbeklitepe), and the first thinkers (Milet) in the history of humanity.

The first human questions were asked here. Uninterrupted accumulation of 15,000 years has enabled the enrichment of human existence in Turkey’s geography.

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