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Turkish Scholars: Aegean Region (Afyon, Aydın, Ayvalık, Denizli, İzmir, Uşak)

There are only 4 thinkers on the list before the 19th century.

ŞEMSEDDİN AHMET KARAHİSARİ  1468-1556 He is considered as one of the three most important Ottoman calligraphers, together with Sheikh Hamdullah and Hafız Osman, in terms of Anatolian Afyon Turkey Technique and Innovations in Writing. He. 1556, Istanbul,

ABDURRAHİM KARAHİSARİ  ( ? – 1483) Anadolu Afyon Turkey Prominent Sufi

AHMED CEVAD PASHA  1851-1900 Anadolu Afyon Turkey He is one of the 19th century Commander and Grand Viziers of the Ottoman Empire. II. He served as the Grand Vizier between 4 September 1891 and 9 June 1895 during the reign of Abdülhamit; He was interested in the Armenian Question, which was the most important issue of the period. The most important work of Ahmet Cevat Pasha, who was a historian as an intellectual of his time as well as military and statesman, and wrote works on various scientific subjects, is “Tarih-İ Asker Osmani” (Military History of the Ottoman Empire).

KÂMİL MİRAS    1875-1957 Anatolia Afyon Ottoman Empire Turkish Politician and Religious Man.

METİN AYDOĞAN   1945-………….. Anadolu Afyon Turkey Researcher

AHMET İNAM  1947-………….. Anadolu Afyon Turkey Philosopher, Educator

HIZIR BIN ALI  (? – 1417) Anadolu Aydın is one of the Biaşlıca Scientists who were trained in Aydın, Turkey. Medical Scholar

CAHİT OKURER    1917-1973 Anadolu Aydın Turkey Politician, Teacher, Senator 2

İLHAN SELÇUK   1925-2010 Anadolu Aydın Turkey Journalist, Writer

ARMAN KIRIM   1954-2011 Anadolu Aydın, Söke Turkey Professor of Business Economics, Author of Business Books, Newspaper Writer and Cookbook Author on ‘Business’ and ‘Gastronomy’.

KORKUT TUNA    1944 Anadolu Balıkesir, Ayvalık Turkey Sociologist / Faculty Member 4B

MEHMET KARASAN   1907-1856 Anadolu Denizli Ottoman Academician, Author, Politician, Translator

CENGİZ BEKTAŞ   1934-……….. Anadolu Denizli Turkey Architect, Engineer, Poet

CELAL KAZDAĞLI  1957 Anadolu Denizli Turkey Writer And Journalist, Documentary Maker

EROL GOKA   1959-………… Anadolu Denizli Turkey Psychiatrist

MUSTAFA TATCI   1961-………. Anatolia Denizli Turkey Sufism

İSMAİL HAKKI İZMİRLİ   1869-1946 Anadolu İzmir Turkey Turkish Philosopher and Researcher of History of Religions.

BAHA TEVFİK    1884-1914 Anatolian İzmir Turkey Thinker. After Tanzimat, Turkey Became the Stage of Great Social, Political and Intellectual Discussions. II. Baha Tevfik is one of the most influential writers in the environment of freedom brought by the Constitutional Monarchy. 3

MUSTAFA RAHMI BALABAN   1888-1953 Anatolian Izmir Ottoman Empire Education, Administrator. 2nd

MUZAFFER SÜLEYMAN ŞENYÜREK   fifty portraits 1915-1951 Anadolu İzmir Turkey Our World Famous Anthropologist. He was born on March 2, 1915 in Izmir. After graduating from İzmir Atatürk High School as the top of his class, he enrolled in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. When he was successful in the exam opened by the Ministry of Education, he was sent to the United States for University Education. He is the Most Important Scientist in the History of Turkish Anthropology

MÜBECCEL BELIK KIRAY   1923-2007 Anadolu İzmir Turkey Sociology

ATTİLA İLHAN   1925-2005 Anadolu İzmir Turkey Poet, Novelist, Thinker, Essayist, Journalist, Screenwriter and Critic.

MÜBAHAT KÜTÜKOĞLU   1932 Anadolu İzmir Turkey After completing his higher education at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History, he joined the Department of Economic History at the Faculty of Economics of the same University. After preparing his doctorate and associate professorship theses on “Ottoman-British Economic Relations”, he started to work as an Associate Professor in the Department of Ottoman Institutions and Civilization History in the Faculty of Letters in 1973; Became a Professor in 1979. Head of the Department since 1977; Since 1984, he has been the Director of the History Research Center of the Faculty of Letters.

İLHAN TEKELİ  (1937-) Anatolian İzmir Turkey City and Regional Planner, Sociologist.

AYHAN TUĞCUGİL/İSKENDER ÖKSÜZ    1945 Anadolu İzmir Turkey Scientist. 4B

ALEV ALATLI   1944-…….. Anadolu İzmir Turkey History of Theology, Thought and Civilization

HALİL BERKTAY  1947 Anatolian Izmir Turkey Turkish Historian. After High School at Robert College, he completed his BA and MA in Economics at Yale University in 1968. Until 1990, he took part in the Enlightenment Movement, which advocated a “Maoist” Left Line.

GÜNAY KARAAĞAÇ  1949 Anadolu İzmir Turkey Turkish Linguist

ERGÜN DİLER   1968-……………. Anadolu İzmir Turkey Journalist

BERGAMALI KADRΠ  1500’s Anatolia İzmir, Bergama Turkey Linguist

Muhyiddin Kafiyeci  1386-1474 Anadolu İzmir, Bergama Turkey Muhyiddin Kafiyeci (d. 1474) has studies on philosophy of language and meaning, philosophy of existence and knowledge, and methodology of history. http://dergiler.ankara.edu.tr/dergiler/37/1697/18125.pdf

FIKRET ADANIR  1941 Anadolu İzmir, Foça Turkey. In 1964, he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of English Philology. Between 1965-1973 he studied English Philology and Slavic Languages ​​at Goethe University (Frankfurt Am Main). In 1977, he completed his Ph.D. in the History Department of the same University. Doctoral Thesis Die Makedonische Frage. Published under the title Ihre Entstehung Und Entwicklung Bis 1908 (Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner, 1979) (The Macedonian Issue, Trans. İhsan Catay, History Foundation Yurt Publishing, 2001). He gave lectures at Frankfurt and Giessen Universities. In addition to his visiting professorship at Sabancı University, he is Professor of Ottoman History at Ruhr University (Bochum). In addition to the books he has compiled and contributed as a co-author, he has many articles published on Southeast Europe, Ottoman and Macedonia.

MUZAFFER ŞERİF BAŞOĞLU   fifty portraits 1906-1982 Anadolu İzmir, Ödemiş Turkey Turkish-American Psychologist. He was in the Founders Generation of Social Psychology, and became one of the leading names of this discipline with his success in using the methods of experimental psychology.

ALİ İHSAN YURT  1928-1993 Anadolu İzmir, Ödemiş Turkey Researcher

HASAN B.PAKSOY   1948 Anadolu İzmir, Ödemiş Turkey Turkish historian. Ohio State, Franklin, Massachusetts – Amherst, a faculty member at Central Connecticut State universities, and a researcher at Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Paksoy currently resides in the USA. Hasan Bülent Paksoy was awarded within the scope of the 17th Turkish World Service Awards organized by the Turkish World Writers and Artists Foundation in 2013 https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasan_B%C3%BClent_Paksoy

BESIM ATALAY   fifty portraits 1882-1965 Anadolu Uşak Turkey Turkish Linguist, Writer and Politician. He was especially known for his studies in Linguistics.

TEVFİK OKYAY KABAKÇIOĞLU   1910-1971 Anadolu Uşak Turkey Scientist. The First Turkish to Complete a Doctorate in Astronomy

İSKENDER PALA   1958-……. Anadolu Uşak Turkey Divan Literature Researcher. http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/kelebek/hayat/27935318.asp


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