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TURKISH LANDS: Time Traveler – In Search of Turks by Ahmet Yeşiltepe of NTV

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Time Traveler – In Search of Turks/Northern Iraqi Turks and Turkmeneli

In this part of “Time Traveller – Discoveries” prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe; The subject is the Turkmens, a people who have lived in Iraq for 1000 years… A people who named their homeland and built their own civilizations on it… The Iraqi Turkmens… Their 1000 years, where they came from, what they achieved, their history… “Time Traveller” describes Iraqi Turkmen and He tells about Turkmeneli. A real history that is little known, forgotten, or on the verge of being forgotten, comes to life.

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of Turks/Home of Oghuz Turks Azerbaijan

In this part of “Time Traveler – Discoveries” prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe; Odlar Yurdu, that is, the “Land of Fire”, also known as Azerbaijan, historical regions from different periods are brought to the screen. “Gobustan” with more than 6 thousand rock paintings, the 3,000-year-old Zoroastrian temple “Ateshgah”, the “Inner City” in Baku, the “Shirvanshahs Palace” and the “Maiden’s Tower” and the cities of Sheki and Neftalan are discussed in this section. This geography, which has deeply affected Turkish history but has little-known pages, also promises an extraordinary route of discovery for the “Time Traveler”. Ahmet Uçar and Hüseyin Eroğlu are the cinematographers of the documentary, and Cihan Çekiç is the producer.

Time Traveler – In the Footsteps of Turks/Turkey’s Milestone; Battle of Dandanakan

In Merv in Turkmenistan, the lost tomb of Sultan Alp Arslan and the restored eternity residence of Sultan Sancar are presented in detail. The third season of the “Time Traveler” documentary series is presented with the subtitle “Discoveries” within the framework of new cultural and archaeological discoveries in Turkish geography. The cinematographer of the documentary is Ahmet Uçar and Hüseyin Eroğlu, and the producer is Cihan Çekiç.

Time Traveler – In Search of Turks/Golden Horde State

The steppe empire, which changed the course of history, was established in the steppes of today’s Kazakhstan. The Golden Horde State, which rewrote the story of the peoples of Eastern Europe and Russia, was built in the Kipchak steppes called Desht-i Kipchak. In this episode, “Time Traveler” travels to the birthplace of the “Golden Horde”, founded and ruled by Turks and Mongols. It is witnessing extraordinary discoveries in the interior of Kazakhstan, “Ulutau” (Uludağ). Ahmet Uçar is the cinematographer and Cihan Çekiç is the producer of the documentary prepared and presented by Ahmet Yeşiltepe. “Time Traveler – Discoveries” is witnessing a very different discovery with its new episode.

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of the Turks/Bashkortostan

Starting from the west coast of the Ural Mountains, he makes extraordinary discoveries in the capital city of Ufa, the center of the mufti of the Muslims in Russia. It sails from the oil-rich plains to the deep valleys opened by Belaya. He listens to folk songs played with the traditional instrument of the Bashkirs, Kuray and Mouth Kopuzu, and dances with them.

Time Traveller – In the Footsteps of Turks/From Oghuz to Kipchaks… From Oghuz homeland to Bashkortostan

The Bashkir people, who speak one of the best preserved Kipchak dialects of Turkish from the Ural-Altaic axis, are also one of the first peoples to establish a republic among Turkish communities. “Time Traveler”, who goes to Ahmet Zeki Velidi Togan’s village and visits his museum, also narrates the lesser-known stories of Bashkortostan’s emergence on the historical stage.

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