Turkish House

Within the scope of the series, based on the observations in the field, especially about the countries traveled for business purposes, the ideas are contemplated, in the “Language, Idea”; Efforts have been made to contribute to the mission of “Unity in Work”. It has also created a unique interdisciplinary perspective for country observations and comparative evaluations. Thus, the Turkish House will rise on solid foundations.
After Cyprus is the Center of the World, we will be talking about the unknowns of the Turkish Civilization in India with the Traveling of India, and we will reach the eastern border of Turkishness with our Turkish and Chinese book. We will also express the secrets of Turkishness, Rumelia on the western border of Greater Asia and Egypt in Africa.
In an unprecedented geography where the two continents are closest to each other, we will also refer to the Civilization of Eyüp, which is the state of the Turkish Civilization that has been inherited as a town of rare artifacts with all its elements such as a magnificent showcase cabinet. continents live life and death together.
TURKISH HOUSE is not a propaganda activity; Tracing our rights under the Law of Lost Rights is a struggle for the return of our lost rights. TURKISH HOUSE is inclusive; It is a home for people of all religions, languages, and dignities; He is also hospitable. The Turkish House, with its walls and roof intact, is a struggle to seek our lost rights altogether. Turks, who were exposed to all kinds of prejudices, made the strongest houses of the geographies in which they settled, survived on three continents.
House in Turkish language; it is a home, a place where happiness is produced, it is a cozy place. Let’s take a look at the cities that showcase a simple richness; Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, Kashgar, Turfan, Hotan, Kazan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia dormitories, Istanbul mansions and mansions, Lahore, New Delhi, Rey, Nisapur, Tabriz, Isfahan, Gazne, Termez, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo , Tripoli, Benghazi, Tunis, Ayn El Turk, Famagusta, Rhodes, Mi¬dilli, Athens, Thessaloniki, Dimetoka, Plovdiv, Sofia, Ruse, Melnik, Pristina, Skopje, Yakova, Berat, Cirokaster, Sarajevo, Nis, Belgrade, Budapest , Bahçesaray, Dobruja, Constanta, Timişoara; These cities, which spread over a very wide geography, keep their adornment with Turkish Houses from their past as a sweet memory. Just to list the name of the geography of Turkey in Istanbul aldı¬ğı selection of our cities spread across three continents, Turkey has always traces and memories of home.
What is reflected in the present is to revive the experiences hidden in the memories as a common life and human culture and to make the strength of the roof and walls functional. Starting from Northern Europe, the people who are isolated by capitalism, which has affected our world all around, will seek different meanings and associations in their adventures of humanity, starting from the Turkish House. Our Turkish House series will keep our traces in geographies on our agenda for this troublesome journey.
“(…) It was natural that we would adorn such a long nomadic life. (…) After the Turkish house broke down, we forgot not only the pleasure of home, but also that our ceds are very attached to the country and the land. (…) Agyâr, who tried to prove that the Turks were not settled in this country and was ready for disbelief, spread these ideas. They hunted our peers. Our descent were not nomads, they settled in the lands they conquered. (…) We have been crawling in the cottage only since the Turkish house was destroyed in this last century. Imagine the old Turkish house, let it stay in the field of poetry; it is possible to revive him in life again. The homes and possessions of our descent are born out of the way they live. ”2
2 Yahya Kemal Beyatlı, Turkish House, 23 March 1922, Tevhîd-i Efkâr
Although the Turkish House, which was voiced by the Great Poet and Thinker Yahya Kemal Beyatlı during the years of the War of Independence, is physically opposed, it is necessary to be in harmony in terms of spirit and meaning, to follow his mission and to take on a sacred duty.


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