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Turkish Belt: Turkey and Turkestan

While we are using the Silk Road, we have to use the Turkish Belt at the same time.

In other words, Chinese Belt and Road Project is the same as Marshall Aid project. Great powers like America, Russia and China have similar aims.

Americans have a plan for Central Asia. There are 35,000 Uzbeks in New York alone. Of course, East Turkestan is also great. Why is it now with a large population? He wants to see natural sociology there in his own country. The hybrid identity is developing there. And that hybrid identity makes you an actor in future events. Bulk carrier vs. is happening.

There are 65 countries in Belt and Road project, we need to wake up. We will see how there were American volunteers, and now volunteers of China will come out. They will speak on behalf of China, we need to know this very well. When you say we need to know, I totally agree with your views on this strategic Turkish Belt.

I have been in Hong Kong for 5 years. In 1976, Mao died, in 1978 China began the 50-year plan. The name of the 50-year plan is world domination. So in 2028, China will be the leader of the world. America is a beautiful country, it is the emulated country by China. So they will be like America.

America, on the other hand, has embraced the sense of dominance, that is, it suppressed trade with Japan through negotiations, and now it will intimidate China. Can we operate the barter model on the Turkish Belt here? Open the newspapers everywhere, it is written out of dollars. We know how we will get out of this and America is applying the barter model perfectly in its own country. But if he’s out of the world, he doesn’t want a barter. Because barter means I’m out of dollars, no money, no interest, it doesn’t work for you.

Now, can we, as Turkey, be the leader in this barter business? Can we apply a barter model starting from the Turkish Belt, that is, China, India, Russia, the Turkish Belt (Turkey, Turkestan)? I want to ask this specifically.

Prof Dr Mehmet Akif Okur:

First of all, Mr. Levent talked about the Silkroad, this is very important. I would like to say a few words about this. This issue is important to us, why?

The historical heart of the world economy is Turkestan. This phrase was coined by economic historians in the 1970s-80s. Their justification was formed as a question:

“When is the history of a world economy?”

Is this 500 years old? Is the history of the world economy 5000 years old? Is it 50,000 years old? In the middle of that discussion, some economists said archaeological data and findings show us that there is a world economy with at least 5000 years of integrated form. Where is this? The line connecting China and Europe. Via which line? Where is the heart of this line?

The heart of this line is Turkestan. Whenever there are strong states in Turkestan, there is a world economy. Whenever there is instability in Turkestan, there is a conflict, the world economy stops. That’s why cities like Samarkand, for example, are the New York of the time, so there are people from all nationalities.

They came there to trade, they are very wealthy and very rich in exchange with each other. Now this is interrupted by two simultaneous issues, towards the 1500s.

  1. Chinese are closing Tabriz to long-distance trade. It has a large navy and travels around the world by sea. It is said that they went to America or something before Columbus. Then they destroy the navy due to the fights inside the palace, and it closes itself to the outside.
  2. Turkestan is divided between Khanates. The union is falling apart, the Khanates are starting to deal with each other.
  3. A branch of the Europeans travels and monopolizes the trade in the Far East themselves, by sea.

Land routes start to be closed after that. Therefore, this kind of transformation is actually a historical transformation. The revival of the land is important. Now there’s a lot of Chinese propaganda here. China only discusses the dimensions of this issue that it wants to be discussed and discussed from the window it wants. I know from Academia. Here they invite, there is a conference etc. For example, they want the papers beforehand which is not a usual procedure for us. You know, you don’t go with the freedom of thought, they invited me to the group. I told them I told you here. Then they gave up. Now, of course, the fact that a state apparatus that is accustomed to a one-sided propaganda wants to establish it outside its own borders, this is not the only thing with us. For example, they do it in America as well.

They give money to many universities, for example, through Confucius Institutes and so on, they demand at least this, when I do something in East Turkestan, your academics should not say it, talk about it, do it like that etc. like or something, they are closing them now, such a wave has started.

So how can we benefit East Turkestan? This is one of the fundamental questions. Who is the great power? China or something, but a power that wants to open up to the outside. If you want to open up, you have to promise something to the world. This promise is not just about money, nobody has that much money. This promise is also a promise of the future. What do you say to this world, true or false whatever it is.

Westerners talked about liberalism, we have a model like this, freedom, freedom, etc. blah blah. The route that is now open for China is the route of Turkestan and the Islamic world. Why the Japanese are the rivals of China, the Indians are the rivals of China, the Russians are the rivals of China. Therefore, apart from the great power competition, the only potential that it can agree with is the geography where it can intersect with the Islamic world from the Turkish Belt. Now, if he says this to this geography, your showcase for me is East Turkestan. In other words, I should see what it promises to us, like a showcase.

If I see something beautiful there, I will have an idea about your identity through it. If I see a new Palestine there, you cannot succeed here. If you show this as a public thing, that is, states will receive, give, negotiate, but if you go against it in a strong civil society, that factor will have to recover itself. Why, because it is possible for this route to be interrupted. In fact, it is such a geography that you can see Afghanistan from here and there, etc. geography has to put a lot of men after it. In other words, the wrong policies that China will follow are actually damaging its own future. Is there anyone who wants to ignite a conflict in the heart of Asia? It also makes their job easier. But what China is asked to do here is to ensure basic human rights and freedoms in East Turkestan. And this needs to be persistently addressed.

Now here, of course, picking the sharp sides is easy today. Why is it easy, because the balances did not fall into place. How did he not sit down? For example, where will Europe stand in the big fight of the future? Now think of it this way, the quadruple summit was made here. Turkey, Russia, Germany, France. Now who is not here, there is no America, there is no England. Therefore, Continental Europe is trying to establish many different relations, or the Europeans and China are trying to balance. But all of these are variable. There is a serious rapprochement between the Russians and the Chinese compared to history, but this is not one hundred percent certain, so these are the periods of turmoil, that is, when the actors there can sit here and there. In fact, none of the great powers are saying my vision of the future, my plan, come and walk with me. For example, we are talking about Shanghai Organization to ourselves only. Why?

Because whoever looks from Shanghai says, for example, that Turkey is a member of this organization breaks the logic of this organization, he says, why because the logic of this organization is that these great powers  (Russia, China) agree with each other in the Turkestan region in order not to collide between themselves on Turkestan. When Turkey enters the system, Turkestan is no longer the geography on which calculations are made, it turns into a third power. So it turns into a table with three legs. Nobody wants equal then.

What is the problem Turkey has in the European Union? If Turkey enters the European Union with this population, it will become a country with the weight of Germany, decision mechanisms, voting, etc. They say we didn’t build this place for you. Therefore, Turkey was the center of a certain world. So we were the center of a world in history. Turkish identity was also a world identity. I mean with culture, management etc. with everything.

Three historical worlds, when palaces and temples are demolished in such an old place and you take their stones and build a new building, we built a world on the heritage of three worlds in history.

What are they;

  1. The Turkish World that was founded in the era of the Göktürks,
  2. This world first disintegrated, then Islamized, gained a new identity with the concept of Muslim and migrated to the Middle East. The Islamic world under the auspices of the Arabs was in decline and took the leadership of that world.
  3. Thirdly, eastern Christianity was in a state of collapse based on Byzantium, Istanbul. We established the new world in Istanbul, Turkish world’s new phase was shaped on the legacy of the old world in Istanbul. Because we were the center of the world. That’s why we can’t fit anywhere. So we are psychologically incapable. We can’t fit in due to our other dynamics. There is a different Turkish psychology in the World. It is a historical psychology that says if Turks find money, find a weapon, they cannot be controlled.

I don’t know if there is another country, how many thousand kilometers away you go to Kashgar. Why are there stamps printed in your name in the 18th century in Kashgar? From here, we send artillery, rifles, etc. to the Kashgar emirate via the Persian Gulf. We sent something. Even the 1800s or something. Therefore, the geography we are concerned with is related to the geography of our historical world. We faced wars with our identity, but the heirs of that identity gathered in Anatolia. So we are a place of a world where states gather and jam.


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