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Short-term cultural and nature tours to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia

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If you are asked which country you can visit most comfortably among Turkey’s neighbors, the answer to this question has been Georgia for a long time. Not only because there is no visa requirement for a long time, but because it can be entered with new generation biometric IDs, Georgia continues to be the most attractive, close and economical country option for cultural tourists in Turkey.

In addition to being the route where flights have continued for a significant part of the known process of the last one and a half years, the fact that, unlike some European and Russian countries, Georgia has accepted the vaccines being made in Turkey since long time, makes the Georgian country almost without alternative in terms of real and serious tourist mass. Indeed, after you have had at least two new fashion vaccinations, you can enter Georgia smoothly and quickly with your current vaccination certificates. Afterwards, a unique and dream-like journey awaits you.

NORTH TRAVEL‘s autumn concept mostly includes short-term tours. Chief among these are 3-night – 4-day trips to the capital Tbilisi and its surroundings. Tbilisi and the large region around it, where the temperatures are moderate at least in October, are the perfect destination for these weekend visits.

So what exactly do these tours cover? First of all, and of course, almost all the main ruins, museums and historical-touristic places of Tbilisi. Then, take a day trip to the nearby Mtskheta Town, famous for its monasteries and churches, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Afterwards, for a full day, from early morning to late evening, from Tbilisi to the border of the Russian Federation, the town at the foot of the famous Kazbeki Mountain is located on the historical Georgian-Military Road with the well-known winter-ski sports center on the road. An unforgettable journey that includes countless cultural and natural sites….

One of the 4-star hotels located right in the city center is preferred for 3 net nights to be spent in Tbilisi. Depending on the number of people in the group, the private luxury transfer vehicle to be selected will be under the group 7/24. Again, depending on the preference of the group in question, in addition to the bed and breakfast minimum service in the hotels, either only dinners or lunches at the same time are/can be included in the general package. However, in any case, all museums and ruins to be seen during the 4-day tour and subject to an entrance ticket are included in the general package.

In addition to all other guidance services,  local/museum guides are also available at some sites and museums, depending on the situation. As in the general tour of Georgia, the tour of Tbilisi and its environs is at the forefront of the most comprehensive, rich and long cultural, historical and nature touristic trips that have been made or are being made from Turkey. Tibilisi continues to invite you and is now closer to you than ever before!!.. You will be very, very pleased with the Georgian hospitality and the richness of the Georgian country and you will say, ‘I’m glad we went, glad we came’!!..



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