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Turkey (Türkiye), Hindustan (India) and Turkestan

Hi my good friends all over the World. How are you all today yeah now. Now it is the weather is getting improved with increasing temperatures in istanbul Turkey as well.   We will talk on today on Turkey and Indian  why i choose this topic is that Indian is becoming one of the five global powers in coming years  it will be included as the global power.   This will be the new world with a multi-polar system global system instead of single polar system new system is arising and then Turkey is al.  Center of eurasia.

What kind of cooperations can be developed between these two old civilizations.   When we look at the map we see that Turkey is a peninsula from east to west  .  From edirne city  in the west up to cars city on the east the distance is kilometer for this rectangular peninsula when we look at the map of Indian we’ll see that the distance and then Indian is a peninsula from it is a vertical peninsula from north uh north to south and the distance between these two uh directions in Indian is double kilometer .

While one is deep in east west communication the other is deep in north without communication .  What results maybe achieve from these directions Turkey is between east and west and Indian is north and  south .  The west of Turkey is europe and east of Turkey is Turkestan and iran is al.  I  consider as a Turkistan country as the population of Turkish people is too much in in iran .

On the other hand Indian’s north is again Turkestan and  south is Indian ocean and africa .  When we look at the cooperation picture we’ll see that these two civilizations may  cooperate on on coming years on the new era in between Europe and Asia Indonesia  Turkistan Hindustan and Africa alltogether .

This is a really a great asset and the people of these countries Turks and Indians are widespread spread all over the world .  We see the Turks outside Turkey Turkey too much and we see the Indians al.  Outside Indian too much .

They are they are all in all kinds of continents we can see the Turks countries as well and Indians together .  The al.  Tanks state in Indian two two long years more than a  millennium . These two people with empires in Indian . These two peoples know each other their language is very well . I hope the coming years will be the increasing communication between Turkistan Hindustan and Turkey altogether .

My friends have a good day all together okay bye for now thanks a lot




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