Turkey Concept

Turkey is a peninsula surrounded by continents. It’s just in the middle of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to the west and east directions. It’s just in the middle of north and south poles with vertical positioning. That’s what we may come to the conclusion that Turkey is a great compass for the world. And inside Turkey, the regions outside Turkey regions enters into  Turkey deeply as well. Balkans on the north west exists inside Turkey, and then Aegean Sea region outside Turkey finds it space again deep in Turkey. Caucaus region is found inside Turkey too.  We can find Mesopotamia inside Turkey as well. Mediterranean region we can find inside as well and Central Asian region we can find just insight in the middle of Turkey too.

Unique position of Turkey is absolutely related to the humankind survival in the world when humans started their journey from the center of Africa to the north directions million years before. So their first stations were around the Mediterranean Sea and then they pass the geography of Turkey. Turkey represents many firsts in humankind development in the world We may easily label Turkey as “First Turkey First”.

Turkey, as the name implies, is a key to read and to understand the adventures and life of the humankind in the world. It’s like Turn Key so you turn the key and then explore adventures and life of the humankind so good. The first human settlements and first agriculture is found in south east of Turkey places like Gobeklitepe, Karahantepe and Catalhoyuk in Central Anatolia 12-15.000 years before.

Diversity is the basic concept for Turkey geography and its people. The climates, the weather, the geographical shapes like mountains, rivers, lakes and sees and plains all have been very diversified. Turkey is like the puzzle and full of astonishments under differentiated conditions. Humankind in this geography as well is very diversified like the gens like turn around here that the country is the pool of gens all over the world where are the genes of all continents in Turkey. Asian gens, European gens, African gens all you can find inside Turkey.

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