Levent Ağaoğlu is a poetry lover who has adopted the principle of generating ideas and starting an enterprise.

He cares about the indispensable quality of the dream dimension in the essence of the act of thought; He likes to enrich and diversify his thinking with imagination.

He devoted himself to developing an AghaSofya thought, which is the same in the lexical meanings of Hagia Sophia and Kutadgu Bilig.

He likes to sleep with ideas and get up with poetry.

Levend’s Name;

On the roads …

In the years …

In the articles …

In Hearts …

In the lost …

brings together what we have accumulated with poetry. “The Mediterranean extends as head of a mare” Turkey and formed the Turkestan oasis surrounded by large Mediterranean comes to poetry Levend’ân to advance in the quest for well integrity.

Contrary to popular belief, the Roads, and the Years have ensured not to disappear.

Most of the time spent on the roads has led to the formation of a deep-rooted civilization with the ones that are not destroyed and the ones that are not lost.

Of course, our losses as a result of alienation, which we can call a road accident, will be taken back.

Levend is a basic concept that came to life in the Mediterranean coasts; Italy (Levantino), Spain (Levante), Greece (Leventis, Leventopulos), Eastern Mediterranean (Levant countries), in Turkey (Levent, Levantine) dictionary is a word Mediterranean enriched with different meanings.

LEVENDNÂME Poems, on the other hand, are like all the waves originating from the Mediterranean, moving and accelerating, like the Great Wall of China, Hong Kong, India, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Africa, Afrin, Afghanistan, Pacific, Rumelia, Varna, Vidin, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Baku, Kaz Mountains, Archipelago, Rome, Troy, Nea Roma, Istanbul, Çanakkale, Ida, Assos, Antandros, Ionia, Anatolya, Agonya, Archipel, Aegean, Lesbos, Bolayır, Asia Minor, Saruhan provinces.

The interaction of the Mediterranean, which has fused civilizations since ancient times, shows a character of Levend and increases the new Mediterranean and the Levels of the new Mediterranean. The interaction between Pacific ports is now a typical Mediterranean attitude. Cultures and Civilizations bring out new Mediterranean seasons in the east of the Levant’s borders, in the oases of Turkistan and on the Pacific rim.

According to the verses of Nazım;

Come gallop from Far Asia

Stretching like a mare’s head to the Mediterranean

This Country; Is ours.

Not only this country, but also the Mediterranean is ours. Its civilizations, cuisine, bazaars, markets, internalized by the power of the Captain-Derya and Levent; Beyoğlu is on its way to new destinations along the Black Sea-Mediterranean, Oğuzhan and Kızılelma avenues in Pera, Algeria Dead End, Tunisian Mahmutpaşa Street, Maltese Fâtih, Eminönü Spice Bazaar, Istanbul Suriçi.

The Turks, who carried the words sea, lake, river, ship, talay, which they added to their language in Asia since the ancestors of Hun, Göktürk, Oğuz, in their abandonment and face the sea again after hundreds of years on the shores of Mediterranean Alanya, this time, a new Mediterranean in the Pacific on the shores of Talay (Ocean) They will be at the forefront of the creation of the company with their entrepreneur and thinker Levent.

LEVENDNÂME Poems take us on a stroll along the shores of our Great Mediterranean Civilization.

LEVENDNÂME While watching the vast geographies that we have not disappeared, we said let’s take a look at the continents, countries and regions when we set off with Poems; We came across a very wealthy list.

Despite the concept of Levantine which refers to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Levend’s concept associated with the Great Mediterranean concept appeared to be in an inclusion that includes the accumulations of around fifty countries and regions in four continents.

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