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Turks in the Sources

Turks in Sources:

  • 3rd century BC China
  • 100 Romans (Pomponius Mela, Plinius) (People living east of Azov Turcae/Tyrcae)
  • 420 Persian
  • 542 China
  • 582 Byzantium
  • 603 Arab

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Inscriptions mentioning the Turks:

– Tonyukuk
– Bilge Kagan
– Kültigin
– Ongin
– Shine Us
– Tariat

Source: Hatice Şirin. Ancient Turkish Inscriptions. TDK

These inscriptions belong to the period of the Göktürks (550-740 AD). The ancient period also ended in the 500s.

The first use of the Turkish name, accepted by the scientific community, was recorded in the 1st century AD by Roman historians named Pomponius Mela and Plinius. The people living in the east of Azov were recorded as Turcae/Tyrcae. Expressions close to the word “Turk” are found in Chinese sources in BC. It takes place in the 3rd century.


Turks have developed philosophy covering universe by looking at the depths of the sky in the steps and recorded their findings in the unique language of universe namely turkish language. Thanking Altay Mountain for crucial contribution.



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