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Traveller’s Talk: Egyptian Civilisation.

The common uniqueness of Turkey and Egypt is that they are countries that unite the continents. Turkey unites Asia and Europe, while Egypt unites Asia and Africa.

Egyptian people are very similar to Turks with their smiling faces, lovely hearts and warm hospitality.  I don’t know if it’s thanks to Mehmet Ali Pasha, but it is perhaps the only Arab country where the Turks have their unique signature with the  prominence. Their social processes are also very similar, especially in the westernization process. Cracks between the layers of society.

The Arabesque style of music comes to us from Egypt. When Turkish music was banned on the radios in our country, Turkish people always listened to the Egyptian radio. There is a cafe called Fishawi, where Mehmet Akif always goes, in Han Halil, Cairo.

After India, I am also aware of our secrets in Egypt. Kavalali, Rifai, Mamluk Circassians, Albanians etc. Wonderful. I took 500 photos.












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