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Proverbial Advices by Suleyman Demirel, Ex Prime Minister and President of Turkey

Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu gathered the advice of Süleyman Demirel.
Here are those tips:

1- Do not feel the depth of any water with both feet.

2- Don’t forget to say “This too shall pass” in grief and happiness.

3- Don’t fool yourself that “more is better”.

4- Always remember that “every night has its morning”!

5- Keep in mind that you can score goals that lose the game of life mostly “when you feel the strongest”.

6- Before you start speaking, remember these 4 sentences:

  • Is what I’m saying necessary?
  • Does what I tell contain kindness and compassion?
  • Does what I say hurt someone?
  • Is what I’m talking about valuable enough to break the silence?

7- For a peaceful life, be listening not listener, not judging but understanding, not criticizing but tolerant, not fighting but forgiving.

8- A true friend comes by invitation in good times and spontaneously in bad times.

9- How you spent your years, how many memorable and beautiful moments and memories you fit into those years are much more important details than how many years you have lived.

10- Do not forget that what you lose can sometimes be a gain.

11- Happiness is the ability to turn small things into big opportunities.

12- Patience is better than anger, kindness is better than hatred.

13- If you cannot express it simply and clearly, it means that you do not understand enough.

14- Every seed sprouts in its own soil, it cannot see the seed flower or flower fruit.

15- Past is regret, future is worry. Peace is only in the now and today.


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