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Thrace region Turkey and Canton province China in comparison

Within Turkey inside, there are two regions which look like to Canton province of China.

First is Thrace region connecting Turkey to go to Europe so this is this is mainly plane plane ticket today and there is the transfer European motorbike TEM connecting connecting took you to your destinations so in the end and interest rates and there are alsoBut I also text Aylılıç and say leather factories and then all kinds of light industrial productions that Europe is demanding the products so the shipments bye-bye truck is very speedy say through Çay through Bulgaria Romania hungry then you press to Austria and Germany were directly so sorry also more than 50% of turkey experts are destined to do European union this is very important fact so unlike China turkey is more connected to You are up north to the US UK and Germany Italy and France they are the top export markets for 30 bucks turkey turkey.

And further the second reason is it looking like Canton promise is in insults insults this isIn eastern Mediterranean region the port city of Maxine Main container experts porch for containers to China to Asia may need to you’re a boy is well and then Maxine is in connection very close to Atlanta city which is very like Canton it is very humid and hot city but it is the area of cotton so or not it is Montana’s however there are two Rivers inside and it is very industrial base with İn and Ava culture of the base is well the other night city and text other city is it so amazing I don’t know I’m Gracian tip line is very dynamic their dynamic activity area for the containers for the shipments did the goods produced in in case Siri what is cities and Kahraman cities as well I’m in insight Center alone I told you I’m done I’m Tyler regionAntalya region is getting close to Maxim and the production and other city all shipments all good collect it from these from the factories and from the pills in the cities are distance for export so so finally we may conclude that for the road transport to Europe 30 surgeon is very basic and Turkey connecting turkey to Europe and secondly do it in the south eastern Mediterranean region around Mac’s in Port cityThese are destined for shipments all over the world to Europe to Asia to Africa you say to Africa is very close as well Maxine city to North Africa cities in Libya Tunisia and Algeria they are very very close also Italy France Spain and they are very close also from Maxim and to the passing through the Swiss canal channel so the shipments are the best thing for Asia Pacific markets not.

Investment Case: Soda Ash by China

No technology and investment is very important in Turkey’s products is one of the top 10 items in the world and China Inn introduced credit line and a technology for the establishment of factories factories in one in Kazan town and the other is in by Pass liquor town in capital city on Krieg countryside so this is natural mine so now million is has the capacity for sodas for turkey and this is even evenEven shipped it to China this is very crucial for the world market and so that is introduced in textiles in in detergent in mining in food in variety of industries so you switch is very diversified diversified so this is good for the market coverage and penetration and distribution.

Turkey: South Eastern Europe Country

Turkey is so soft is it eastern Europe country and it is similar to in this respect to South East Asia because also answer key is also surrounded by buy the season like South East Asia like south east Asia has connections with many parts in Asia Pacific Lykos Australia Japan Korea ChinaAnd turkey also has direct flights relations with the European Union with Middle East with Russia Iran and Africa eastern Mediterranean countries you see many regions so chunky is like a horse in the in the legends entering into into Europe Asia and Africa continent three continents mainly so maybe I’ll read all these aspects fromFrom the market penetration view and understanding.

I am against similar point is that China has historical ties in south Asia and south east Asian countries say in Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Vietnam Cambodia Laos China community is there who hold economic power and power in these countries are there is a Chinese corn inside these markets and states and in the same way (tercüme) also has hisHistorical and cultural ties ties say in the south east Europe in bulk and say Romania Moldova then ask Yugoslavia countries like Grassia Montenegro Bosnia Slovenia Kosova as well and bless plus hungry and Slovakia and in Eastern Europe again this historical ties are valid say in Poland Lithuania Latvia Lithuania and includingSweden on top so these Eastern Europe and south eastern Europe countries has definitely been a strong ties and this is and this is also our village inn in North Africa like Algeria miracle Tunisia Egypt and then in in Sudan as well plus in the Middle East in Iran Syria Iraq Lebanon and Israel Jordan Palestine and Saudi ArabiaAnd the golf camp for them plus connections stands because I stand stand stand stand Afghanistan Mongolia all these connections ties with China is the sensor for the eastern Asian turkey is the Center for West end south east Europe and then the other regions around five C’s say Lexi Mediterranean right see Caspian Sea and then golf so golf so.

So the cooperation between China and is mainly based on silk Road Road where to be connected to the sub regions all by China site and cite the sub regional centers for business development and industrial development development may happen in all these wide areas and more is tax and Chinese the ties and then they know each other very well they are not they are not for foreigners for themselves they have their knowledgeBy BYOYO bilateral.










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