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The Earth is a round and continuously rotating whole; it cannot be divided

The division of a holistic structure, which constantly revolves around itself, into east-west and, more rarely, north-south, especially in terms of latitude, is the product of a hegemonic understanding that has supposedly continentalised itself as Europe.

In order to determine the directions, we need to stop the world, which is not possible. Therefore, directions are only variable according to where you are. In the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean, the points where the directions are indicated differ. The important thing is to determine where this point is. Europe is east from the point of view of the Atlantic Ocean and west from the point of view of the Pacific Ocean.

The socalled West is such a hegemonic and subjective understanding that it not only divides the world, which shows an indivisible unity, but also divides and disintegrates countries; this is an endless schizophrenia.

The West, which is the West according to itself, then divides the East as far, middle and near according to itself, then groups it in the style of the Greater Middle East and then disintegrates it. In its general definition, the east is the source of all negativity according to the west.

For example, Turkey, which was positioned in the European political geography with an international agreement in the 19th century, was defined as a Greater Middle East country by the USA at the end of the 2nd World War. The aim was to prevent Europe from forming a strong union.

As a peninsular country located in the WestEast directions, Turkey’s horizon carries all directions in its bosom. It is a unique feature of Turkish culture to interpret directions with colours. For example, let us look at the seas around Turkey. The Mediterranean Sea is to the west, the Black Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south.

The world of the Turks is colourful and diverse; it diversifies and harmonises, as opposed to dividing and dividing. Turkey, which cannot be classified and limited by directions, directs on the contrary.

Turkey cannot be determined by directions in the form of Middle East, Greater Middle East, it cannot swing from one direction to another, but it has determined the directions only because of its location throughout history.

There are 11 Turkish states in all directions in history. Hungary, Ukraine, Egypt, Gokturk Khaganate are the first examples that come to mind.

As the world is constantly rotating, the directions are also changing. While the west was Europe in a Europecentred world, in the AsiaPacific era we live in, the west is now China on a map centred on the Pacific Ocean, the midwest is Turkestan, the far west is Turkey and Europe, while the east is the American continents.

Times, of course, transform minds while shaping the grounds.


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