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Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul in 1975

© Copyright photo by Levent Ağaoğlu

The symbol of grace and sophistication on the edge of the Bosphorus, the universal place of belief that accompanies the Hagia Sophia Temple after 1080 years, parallel to the Hippodrome Square, the center of the world since Emperor Constantine’s Nea Rome. Sultan Ahmed Mosque
İstanbul Boğazının kenarında yer alan zarafet ve incelik simgesi, İmparator Konstantin’in Nea Roma’sından beri dünyanın merkezi İstanbul’un nişanesi Hipodrom Meydanı’nın paralelinde Ayasofya Mabedine 1080 yılın ardından eşlik eden evrensel inanç mekanı. Sultan Ahmet Camii

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