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Seas with Colours in Turkish Language

IDEA Seas with Colours in Turkish Language. Turks who settled in Anatolia, with these word meanings, to the seas surrounding Anatolia; They gave the name ” Black Sea ” meaning the sea in the north , ” Mediterranean ” meaning the sea in the west, and ” Red Sea ” meaning the sea in the south . In fact, you can see that the Caspian Sea is called ” Gökdeniz ” in some sources. In fact, the Black Sea, with blackness, with darkness; The Mediterranean has nothing to do with white or the Red Sea for red.

QUESTION: Seas with Colours in Turkish Language

These names , which the Turks put into the seas considering their position , were translated into their own language by world sailors according to their first known (color) meanings.
To the Black Sea: Black Sea (Ing), Mer Noire (Fr), Schwarzes Meer (Alm.), Chernomorskiy (Russian).
The Red Sea is similarly translated as Red Sea (Ing), Krasnoye More (Russian), Mer Rouge (Fr.).
On the other hand, if we look at the names expressed with colors in the world: It is very possible that the naming rights of the State of Belarus and Montenegro , the Black Sea in the North of Russia , the White Sea, the Yellow Sea in the middle of China and the Korean peninsula belong to the Turks.   However, these require a detailed study.
Seas with Colours in Turkish Language
As a result , Turks gave names to the seas, such as the Black Sea, the Red Sea, and the White Sea, taking into account the directions, but world maritime has translated these names with their first color meanings and added them to their language
Turks have expressed the directions with colors since ancient times. They used black, white, red, green, blue and yellow colors as the main colors and used each of these colors to express the four cardinal directions and central areas.
  • center = yellow ,
  • gold ; east=blue ; green ;
  • West=white,
  • south=red , red and
  • north=black .
Ziya Gökalp‘s pointing out that the Turkish Turks’ naming of the Ak Sea (the sea in the west) and the Black Sea (the sea in the north) comes from the expression of the directions with colors is among the first explanations of the subject. In addition to all these, there are many Akdağ- Karabük, Akbük- Karabük , Akbağ – Karabakh in the geography of today’s Turkey., Yesilirmak, Kızılırmak, Blue lake, Beyazgöl- Karagöl are the names.
Among them, Karadağ is named not because of the clouds, Akdağ is the mountain covered with snow, Yeşilırmak is named not because its surroundings or its water is green, but according to its location. The mountain in the north was named Karadağ and the mountain in the west was named Akdağ.
If you hear a place called a yellow area in any city or town , know that it was in the middle or the center of that residential area in the past.
Karaköy in Istanbul has been called by this name, not because of its land, but because it is located in the north.
Kaynak: Ergün Mengi 

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