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Colours and the Turks

Hi my friends have a good day all again. Now we are in january 2023 again today is the 12th of the january on thursday. We will talk on the colors and the cultural understandings of the colors in Turkish geography as Turks were living in wide areas in three continents Asia, Europe and Africa.

They have given special meanings to the colors to specify the direction as a compass which has five main directions. So all these five directions have been specified with a color in Turkish culture. For example the black means the north, so we can see the Black Sea has been given by the Turks. And for the south the name is red.

We can understand the place name starting with red means that this is in the south. With the black means that this is in the north. And for the west the color is white and then for example Mediterranean Sea is called as Akdeniz by the Turks. Ak, white means in the west and then for the east the color is either blue or green so it means it is on the east.

There are also the meanings. Black means strong, white means wisdom and red means the hotness and the blue and green means the sky, the belief. And then there is also the yellow color which is in the center. We can see that these five colors have been exported to around 10 languages all over the world and then there are also exonyms, the place names given by the Turkish language outside Turkey.

There are hundreds of exonyms with these five color names as the directions. This makes easiness so with the color you can understand that this place name specifies directs us to north, or south or east or west. The colors give the function of compass as the Turks were living in wide areas. This is the codes of the colors for the Turkish understanding. This is really interesting subject of the Turkish culture. So have a good day all my friends good 2023 bye for now thank you.

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