Scenes of Life from Turkey 4

Scenes of Life from Turkey 4. Scenes of Life from Turkey 4. Scenes of Life from Turkey 4. Scenes of Life from Turkey 4

IDEA: Turkey, the Peaceland

QUESTION: How Turkey evolved in Peaceland?

Compilation by journalist Bayram Öz, Istanbul, Turkey
Well, what comes to mind when you think of the place where “peace” was born? No need to search far. Peace was born on the territory of Turkey in 1269 BC. Like the first proof of love, the first proof of peace is also found in these lands. The first copy of the Kadesh Peace Agreement, which was signed between the Hittites and Egypt and is accepted as the world’s first peace agreement according to the findings so far, was found in a temple in Karnak in Egypt, and the other in Boğazköy in 1906.
At the end of the text of the agreement, which is located in Boğazköy and currently exhibited at the Istanbul Archeology Museum, “If anyone flees from the country of Egypt, to the country of Hatti, or from the country of Hatti to the country of Egypt, they will give it back to each other.
But they will not be severely punished, there will be no tears in their eyes, and their wives and children will not be avenged. It is not very common to include the words “no tears will come out of your eyes” in the text of an agreement.
The most innocent and poetic peace treaty in history. A 2-meter copper copy of this agreement text hangs in the United Nations building, which unites all today’s countries under one roof. Every time the representatives of all countries of the world set foot in the building, they see this first peace agreement signed about 3300 years ago…
The world’s first love poem and peace treaty texts are found at or near their birthplace. They also have the power to attract a large number of tourists to Turkey, if sufficient publicity is made. The power of love and peace…

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