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Reasoning / Mind Aphorisms

by Turkish Polymath: Prof Ismail Hakki Aydin


Fools are always confident, smart and intelligent are skeptical.

Throughout history, the mind and the heart have always fought for “love”, and the mind has always been defeated!

The only rule that the mind is overruled is “love”!

Mind, conscience and spirit, our divine qualities!
The nafs, ego and intelligence, demonic…

What makes the Qur’an dominant and (current) valid is “reason”!

Where there is no mind, the Qur’an has no effect!

The greatest verse of Allah; is “mind”.

It is imperative that everyone who has a mind, not just mystics, should be a sage and a cause for the “Deep Qur’an”.

Religion, revelation, the Qur’an, the universe, creatures and creation are all intelligence. Mind!

Even though the law is an institution composed of acts, the mind, conscience and spirit are the absolute decision makers!

Reason never deceives humanity.
But wit…

There would be no room for reason in the cupboard of love.
To love in the cave of the mind…

The universe, which is the realm of dreams, is made up of interconnected information neurons (!), enormous,
It is a single intelligent “brain” that is alive and lives within the framework of instructions.

A smart person both learns from his own experience and mistakes and…

The idiot is always very confident.
If he is clever and clever, he always leaves the door of doubt open.

The life of smart people is built on the success of their intelligence!

If the state takes the mental tax, it will be abat.

Language house with love, heart house with love, mind house with idea,
The mind house becomes happy with art, and the brain house becomes happy with knowledge!

For the owner of the mind/brain, the word is enough.
There is no need for an annotation or an annotation of an annotation!

The mind is the manifestation of “The Truth” in man!

Mind is fed by science, conscience is fed by science!

I wish the intelligence and sensitivity in a neuron were in humans…

The greatest verse of Allah is the mind.

Persistent intelligence in the mind is the guarantor of universal connectivity.

In order to make drugs smart and intelligent, it is necessary to know the biophysical properties of that molecule very well.

Kill the mind, soul and conscience!
The rest is easy. Everything is allowed…

I can’t speak for myself, but I give advice to everyone!

The mind necessitates the will, the will requires the responsibility!

Electrons, protons, neutrons, leptons, bosons, particles you think unconscious are smarter than you… Are you aware?

Take my mind, give me the Qur’an.
Give me Al Quran!

If there is reason, there is no need for religion!
If there is no reason, there is no need for religion!

Skeptical and rational critical approach to what is taught,
constitutes the basis of scientific freedom and development.

Morality and reason are indispensable for “humanity”!

Whoever tried to write the history of mind and love found himself in an asylum…

Objection and criticism are the product of thought, and thought is the product of the mind.

Unfair profits blow people’s minds until they are exhausted!

When a person becomes a slave to the mind, he becomes free!

Looking for a “sense”!”
For the sake of Allah, “STOP!” a “wise man” to say…

Free will is the universal dynamic and driving force of the collective mind.

Rather than proving what we have in mind with the Qur’an, we need to prove our minds…

It is not possible for the thinkers who were the first to oppose the beliefs that the mind does not accept, and those who could not learn from Tales of Miletus and Anaximander, to have an opinion.

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