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Aphorisms: Intelligence

by Turkish Polymath Professor İsmail Hakkı Aydın

Tumors are evil and sinful (!) to the extent that they act biologically intelligent (!), and repentant and good-natured to the extent of their stupidity (!)!

It is “fuzzy logic” that makes machines smarter. The idea of ​​“fuzzy logic” is a very important digital gift from Lofty A. Zadeh to the world of science!

Human intelligence operates with visual, verbal and sensory values.

It is very difficult to be an “INTELLIGENT PERSON”… A person with high observational intelligence, anxious, detail-oriented, open-minded, ready-to-response, taking into account the experience of others, over-curious, immediately recognizing hypocrisy, enjoying solitude and seeking logic in every step. He is a “SMART MAN”!

Intelligence is the sign that shows the way out of failure!

Intelligence, trouble, punishment to the mind…

The ‘black sheep’ in the ‘herd’ represents thinking, a product of divergent intelligence.

The most accurate intelligence test result is obtained from the candidate’s questions.

The more a man fights with his own ideas, the more intelligent he is!

Intelligence; It is the cold breath on the back of the neck that pushes people to innovations!

In this game played between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, the human (!) will win to become an intellectual/intellectual!

The smartest doctors of the future will be medical electronic records, algorithms and databases.

The intelligence of civilizations competes with human intelligence. always victorious…

A convincing lie is the product of a strong intelligence!

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