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Quotes: Turkish Philosophers

“Our dome of the sky, our flag of the sun and our earthly homeland” Oğuz Kağan
“You are surprised. Will there ever be a son of God? He is one.” Attila
“Evolutionary world…the resultant mortal world.” Dede Korkut
“I myself, Bilge Tunyukuk, (brought) the (Turkish khan) and the Turkish people to the land of Ötüken.” Bilge Kagan
“(I), the God-like (and) God-begotten Turkish Bilge Hakan” Bilge Kagan
“If what I don’t know was under my feet, my head would touch the highest floor of the sky.” Abu Hanifa
“Dominate Chemistry, dominate the world”Cabir Bin Hayyan
“Allah is the One Who shows His servants the right path and guides them to the goal.” the most gracious
“Justice is the soul of the universe.” Omar Khayyam
“The body is the land of the heart. In this country there are many soldiers of the heart.” Ghazali
“May my wisdom be heard by the calf (scholar) Let my words be made epic and sufficient for his purpose.” Hodja Ahmet Yesevi
“Any technical science that is not put into practice will remain between right and wrong” Al-Jazari
“The sect is like the sea, and the truth is like a pearl.” Necmettin Kubra
“Own your hands, your tongue, your waist. Keep your heart, your door, your forehead open.” Sheikh Edebali
“Didn’t we love without seeing the creator?” Mevlana
“Rivers of Heaven” Yunus Emre
“I have a lot of problems, which one should I stand for” Pir Sultan Abdal
“How small is the world…” Piri Reis
“We have established beautiful, planned and orderly gardens in peaceful and disorderly Hind”  Babur Shah
“Love is everything in the world” Fuzuli
“An hour of debate is better than a month of debate.” Taşköprülüzade
“The foundation of the state is love..” Kınalızade Ali Efendi
“Return to the era of Süleyman” Mr. Koçi
“Walk on, the world is a lie.. One day, a nomad landed on you..” Karacaoğlan
“Travel, O Messenger of Allah” Evliya Celebi
“For the science of truth, this world was a copy, but in the original copy, this Adam was only a point” Niyazi Misri
“Tut-i miracle guy, whatever I say is not a joke” Itri
“I don’t have patience, you don’t have an iota of loyalty, Let’s think about what comes out of nothing.” Nabi
“Let’s see my Mevlana, whatever they are, good things” İbrahim Hakkı of Erzurum
Kethüdazade Arif Efendi: “Ulema should avoid his tongue, zurefa’s eyes, and saints’ heart”
“The ornament of reason is the language, the ornament of the tongue is the word. The ornament of man is the face, the ornament of the face is the eye. Man speaks his word with the language of tongue; if his word is good, his face will shine. “Yusuf Has Hacip

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