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Proverbs of Civilization with Philosopher Prof. Ihsan Fazlioglu

“No civilization collapses without decaying” Ibn Khaldun
“In the classical tradition, travel is an integral part of knowledge. It thickens knowledge.”
“It is the dead, not the living, that make a country a homeland, gravestones are title deeds”
“Today, the studies of wisdom are largely limited to understanding the books written by the predecessors” Ibn Nafis
“The construction of mathematical sciences in Anatolia is thanks to Merağa.”
“The seniority of the ancient in classical traditions and the promise of the elder in modern traditions is in the center”
“The idea that does not turn into feelings cannot make social transformations”
“Order arises if knowledge is subject to power, and order arises if power is subject to knowledge.” #Taskopruluzade
“It all started in Merv…”
“Meaning emerges in the whole, if the holistic perspective of culture disappears, its parts become meaningless.”
“Marv can be summed up in three words: Tahqik, Tahrir, Ta’lim…”
“The evil eye creates the scenery…”
“Wars are not between materials, but between the embodiments of meaning-value worlds”
“The most important principle of the Meraga school is the idea of ​​a model compatible with observation”
“Orientalism, the expedition of colonialism” (Edward Said)
“Egypt has also been the encyclopedic center of Islam.”
“Islamic Civilization Begins With Baghdad”
“Mathematical, Logical and Medical Philosophy Resurrected in Baghdad”
“Similarities refute people, differences resurrect them – Nizamülmülk”
“Baghdad is also the Islamic city where the first ‘Public Library’ was established”
“There is no meaning without matter!”
“The mentality in Basra and Kufa carries the characteristics of ‘algorithmic thinking'”
“If you don’t have a strong spirit, the spirit of the city will invade your body”
“Basra, Kufe and Fustat were the first cities to be established in the early periods of Islam”
Umar b. Abdulaziz ensured that “knowledge is opened to society” by “ordering the publication of books among people”.
“Islamic Civilization’s idea of ​​progress is not linear but spiral…”
On the basis of the Medina Document, it is very important to offer a predictable life together to different groups living in Medina and to unite the local cultural basins of Islam in the Medina period.
“Medina is both an ideal and the practice of that ideal”
“Understanding is to discover the invisible side of the visible”
“Knowledge is like blood, scholars are like hearts – Katip Çelebi”
“Turning an idea into a feeling requires a process”
“We cannot comprehend a knowledge that transcends human beings”
“Every culture, every civilization occurs in a metaphysical bowl”

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