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Monographies of US Scholars on Tonyukuk (646-725)

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                         Monographies of US Scholars on Tonyukuk (646-725)

  1. (1939)  Sprengling, Martin: Tonyukuk’s Epitaph. An old Turkish Masterpiece. The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures, 1939, 56/1, 1-19 (No. 1442).
  2. (1939)  Sprengling, Martin: Tonyukuk’s Epitaph. Transliterated Text and New, Scientifically Annotated Translation. The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures, 1939, 56/4, 365-383.  Page Count: 19
  3. (1962)   Krueger, John R.: The Earliest Turkic Poem, Journal of the American  Oriental Society Vol 82, No.4 (Oct-Dec., 1962), p.557. Published by American Oriental Society
  4. (2005)   Prior, Daniel Tonyuquq’s Humiliation and an Old Turkish Ethymology, 2005, Essays on Central EurAsia in Honor of György Kara on His 70th Birthday
  5. (2006)   Light, Nathan; An 8th Century Turkic Narrative: Pragmatics, Reported Speech and Managing Information Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA. 2006 (English) In: Turkic languages, ISSN 1431-4983, Vol. 10, no 2, 155-186 p.
  6. (2015)   Robinson, Alva: A Historical Overview of Turkic Wisdom Words  (Houston)  Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue  winter 2015

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