Images of Turkey

Hospitality of the Turkish people is very impressive and also Turkey as a country too impressive as a whole.

We use the photograph essentially as a series of sketches, showing the expressions of ordinary people in Turkey so black-and-white photographs are used photographing people in Turkey has been a pure joy is Turkish people always exclude warm and openness at the same time this photographic instances are very meaningful as As we enjoy becoming involved in their lives staying in contact with them always

Turkish people are the most welcoming people I’ve encountered in the 22 countries I’ve visited. They’re very helpful and proud of their culture. Although not many Turkish speak English, they would still go out of their way to try to help you. One time I was lost in the old town of Istanbul and my phone died. I was looking for the ferry terminal on Galata area (near the bridge). I asked a young lady for a direction, she said “no English” but she asked me to wait in a gesture. At first I was confused, then I saw her talking to other people, she came back minute later with a gentle man. She introduced me to a man who could speak English. I can’t thank her enough. I had a few other experience that sort of thing. I was very impressed. I’ve visited Izmir, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Pamukkale, and Cappadocia. I had the same experience. One of my very good friend whom I’ve met through YT comment section is Turkish. We’ve met when I was in Istanbul. He toured me around and he is the nicest person I’ve ever met in all of my travels. Even the cab drivers are very nice. I could say that Turkish hospitality are at par with Mexicans., 2 of my favourite countries.

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