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Line of Science: Istanbul-Samarkand-India


The distance between Orhun Valley and Kashgar is 2500 km. The distance between Kashgar and Samarkand is 770 km.
The distance between Samarkand and Istanbul is 3200 km.
The distance between Orhun Valley and Istanbul is 6500 km and Samarkand is in the middle.
The distance between Samarkand and Orhun is 3200 km.
The distance between Samarkand and Istanbul is 3200 km.


Samarkand-Istanbul: 3200 km
Samarkand-Bangalore, India : 3200 km

We need to strengthen the Samarkand-Istanbul intellectual line and add the Indian continent to the line.

Bangalore; 5th most populous city in India. Since it is known as the center in the information technology sector, it is among the 10 most preferred regions among entrepreneurs in the world. It is called the Silicon Valley of Asia due to its technological superiority. The city of Bangalore was founded in the 9th century. While the name of the city was Bengaluru when it was first established, it changed to Bangalore over time. It is the 2nd fastest growing city in India.

Presence of words of Hindi origin in the Tonyukuk Inscription, the existence of Turkish words in Tamil, which were the original natives of the Indian continent before the Aryan occupation period, the connection of Dravidian and Altaic languages.

South: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India(Urdu, Dravidian, Tamil)
The pronunciation of Tamils ​​was very similar to Japanese.
So the Altaic language.
Altaic languages ​​are not only in the North.
There is also the Sumerian-Dravite line in the south.
Let’s meet our linguists in the South, including the Indian Ocean.
Link to the map published in the Atlas of Philosophy about Sumerian and its spread.

A public opinion was formed in Turkey about the Sumerian language. If Tamil and other Dravidian languages ​​are added to this interest, in addition to Mesopotamia in the south, the Indian Subcontinent will be connected to the existing agglutinative Altaic languages ​​geographies in Turkestan-Khorasan.
We will be able to get closer to the areas we have moved away from, such as the Pacific Ocean (Japanese, Korean) and the Indian Ocean (Dravite languages), through kinship ties. Introverted polemics rather than studies about the outside world darken our agenda and horizons.

Sun Language Theory was completely shelved after Atatürk. It was replaced by Greek.

Language: Sumerian-Tamil-Dravian-Urdu


Language- Altai
Religion- Islam
States- Altai (10 ), Islam (57) where we have language and religion denominator, a total of 67 states

Thought: Cooperation between 67 States united in the denominator of Language and Religion.

The power of thought reveals the mysteries of the ancient sage (Tonyukuk).
The Tonyukuk Inscription is the first written example of Turkish from the Altaic language family.

As of today, the distribution of Altaic languages ​​is on the map in the link.
The Altaic Languages ​​extending to the Mediterranean, Arctic Arctic Ocean, Pacific coasts.. Spoken by 455 million people.

The distance between Orhun and Tokyo is 3200 km.

The distance between Istanbul and Kaldoaivin is 3200 km. Kaldoaivin is the northernmost city in Finland.

The 10 thousand km spring (Kaldoaivin-Istanbul-Samarkand-Orhun) needs to be mobilized.

When the Tonyukuk Inscription is taken as the Zero Stone, all these distances become meaningful.

The codes in the Altaic Languages ​​mean the same for the people of this Civilization. A collaboration over these codes has to be much more efficient and productive.


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