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The Turks are leader in the world in terms of language, religion, state, history and geography.

We don’t know this. 
There is no time left to think about writing from walking around on horseback.
  • State: We established 16 states
  • Religion: We contributed to 7 religions with our civilization of contemplation and our works.
  • Language: We wrote and spoke in 75 languages. We used 14 alphabets
Turks are the only nation in the world that uses so many alphabets.
Evaluations on this issue may gain importance.
Here are the pros and cons of using so many alphabets.
Alphabets of Turkish:
  1. Latin: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan, Gagauzia, Uzbekistan
  2. Cyrillic: Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Turkestan, Bulgaria
  3. Arab: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, East Turkestan
  4. Persian: Iran, Afghanistan
  5. Urdu: Pakistan, India
  6. Greek: Greece, Rep. of Cyprus.

Our dynastic languages ​​(Ottoman Urdu) are fed from rich sources (Arabic, Persian, Sanksrit); Turkish languages ​​that sign with Turkish verbs

Gokturk, Runic, Mani, Sogut, Uyghur, Brahmi, Tibetan, Syriac, Hebrew, Greek, Karamanli, Urdu, Arabic, Cyrillic, Latin alphabets were used with variants adapted to the Turkish language at various levels.

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