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Turkish Empire

Turkey; It was the political name of Rumelia, it shifted to Anatolia.

Middle East; It was describing India, it shifted to the region between Egypt (Arabia) and Iran.

To make Rumelia Turkey again, to evaluate India in the Middle East; let us have

Turkish Empire is written on the map printed in London Greenwich…

It doesn’t say Ottoman Empire or anything… Even when the shopkeeper asked the lady as Ottoman Empire, she didn’t understand, when she described it as Asia Minor, she understood, and she made 2-3 more maps.

All of them said Turkish Empire.

Additional information; By the way, they teach it as Turkish Ottoman Empire in schools in Russia…

We’re going over 4K -4Z. Identity. Resources. Chronology. cartography. Person. Mind. Time. Ground

The British Stilt’s map is dated 1865.

With the Baltalimanı Trade Agreement, Tanzimat and Islahat, our axis was messed up, and the Treasury was emptied with the Crimean Russian War. India was taken over in 1858.

Egypt will be invaded in 1882.

They already mapped the Dardanelles and the Suez Canal separately.

They recognize themselves as the Turkish Empire, but they place their perception operations on the board of hatred as the Ottoman Empire; We will settle accounts with those who cursed my grandfather. First we learned the language.

There is also the word Royal on the map; interesting. Always Supreme Mind.

British; Starting with the Serbian Revolt (1804), they finished Turkey (Rumelia) in alliance with the Russians and imprisoned it in the Anatolian geography.

They encouraged the Turkestan uprisings against the Russians’ landing in Afghanistan-India, and they organized the Chinese invasion of Uyghur Turkestan against the Russians.

Units We Surrounded by:

1 European Union
2 Eurasian Union (Russia)
4 British Commonwealth of Nations
5 Shanghai 5


European Asian Union (ASAM)

(Rumeli, Caspian, Turkestan, Mesopotamia)


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